Arrow: Star City 2040 review S7 E16

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, Arrow’s conclusion can’t come soon enough. Star City 2040 tried to drum up some drama by revealing what life is like in the future for Team Arrow, but can it truly be all that exciting without Oliver?

Moreso than who’s aligned with who and how the kids become the future generation, Arrow has failed to make a compelling case for these flash forwards due to Oliver’s absence. Is it really supposed to be all that comforting to know Oliver might be dead, but Felicity is carrying on in his absence? Not for me as Felicity has been the character most responsible for my lack of interest in the series at this point.

Star City 2040 catches us up to what’s gone down post Crisis. But first, Felicity has Mia with Oliver telling her how proud he is of Felicity for being so fantastic and amazing at childbirth. Post-Crisis, Oliver is gone. The biggest issue with the flash forwards has been how no one mentions what happened to Oliver and why he’s not around. Sure we can guess the Monitor took him or he sacrificed himself, but for a show so focused on explaining every detail this has been a glaring issue.

arrow star city 2040 - william, mia and connor

Felicity has Mia training with Nyssa since childhood. Once she’s finally ready, Nyssa allows Mia to use the bow. This feels more like fan service than anything else. Green Arrow’s daughter must use a bow? Why? Vigilantes are public enemy number one so why does Mia need to learn this skill? And is Nyssa now the best archer on the planet? Where’s Roy at this point?

Not long after, Mia learns that Felicity is a hypocritical liar after stumbling across her not so well hidden secret lair. Felicity has been playing secret vigilante in a room with a picture of Oliver and William. We’re seriously supposed to believe William made this major an impact on Felicity after staying with her for a year and change that she would still fondly remember him 16 years later? C’mon!

In future flash forwards, Roy, Zoe and Dinah are looking for intel on Felicity and the bombs. They find Rene is fine unloading the bombs since there’s going to be a major call for an evacuation and it’ll be a means to restart the city. How did Rene get dumber in the future. Also, where’s Curtis? The Arrowverse in general has the worst habit of making side characters important for a certain amount of time only to ditch them and think viewers won’t ask logical questions.


William and Mia go to Galaxy One looking for their own leads and run into Connor, who helps them get past a security detail. He works for a good version of ARGUS. Somehow Mia feels betrayed despite keeping her own identity secret from her boyfriend. William flirts with the CEO, who in keeping with CW logic, is naturally attracted to the other gay character. It is possible for an LGBT character to exist in the CW and not be attracted to another LGBT character? That’s literally NEVER been the case in the Arrowverse.

Felicity isn’t happy they ignored her warning and came to rescue her. This emotional reunion doesn’t mean anything since Felicity hasn’t seen William in two decades and Mia is…Mia. Is Mia the most miserable character in Arrow’s history? Emiko might be close and neither are proving to be very compelling characters. Anyone else appreciate the irony of Felicity now understanding that family isn’t as important as the safety of everyone else? That was something she really chided the rest of Team Arrow for doing yet it’s OK since she did it now.


Connor has to help her out by saying he wondered why Diggle and Lyla adopted him if they were going to be gone so often, but he learned he had to share them. So basically everyone on Arrow is a crappy parent? Which then means all of the past/present kid-featured segments are meaningless because Team Arrow is awful? Gotcha. I’ll now check out of every parent/child scene in the present day.

Rene’s abrupt face turn feels so random and a clunky way to get him back on the side of Team Arrow. He’s shocked to learn Oliver and Felicity had a kid. Since this is the future of Team Arrow it sure does make the present day scenes lack any kind of meaning. We know it’s going to go terribly wrong for them. The team is going to be fractured, their kids will all resent them and Oliver is gone. Why am I watching this again??

While I’m asking silly rhetorical questions, has a woman ever lost a fight on Arrow? It is possible, but Mia is a spam super character that can beat anyone even when she’s outmatched 10 to 1. Looks like suspense also dies with Oliver.

Future Team Arrow has saved the city for now and Rene is now undercover getting info to stop the bad guys. Too bad he can’t do anything about the highly questionable writing this season.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW