March Bashness 2019 – 1st round results – who did you choose to advance?

The first round of March Bashness 2019 is in the books. Let’s find out who you voted to make it to the Sinister 16! And don’t forget to vote for the Unbreakable Eight while you’re at it!

125th Street Region

(1) Harlem Heat vs. (8) Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer

1. harlem heat vs terry funk and tommy dreamer - face off

(4) Dirty Heels vs. (5) Sting and British Bulldog

1. sting and bulldog vs dirty heels - face off

(3) Rock n Sock Connection vs. (6) John Cena and Batista

1. batista and john cena vs the rock n sock connection - face off

(2) New Age Outlaws vs. (7) Two Man Power Trip

1. two man power trip vs new age outlaws

Calgary Coast

(1) Hart Foundation vs. (8) Awesome Truth

1. hart foundation vs awesome truth - face off

(4) Bullet Club vs. (5) The Nasty Boys

1. bullet club vs nasty boys - face off

(3) The Shield vs. (6) Masters of the Powerbomb

1. shield vs masters of the powerbomb

(2) Demolition vs. (7) Razor Ramon and 123 Kid

1. demolition vs razor ramon vs 123 kid - face off


Awesomeness Region

(1) Christian & Edge vs. (8) Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy

1. christian and edge vs big john studd and king kong bundy - face off

(4) The Brothers of Destruction vs. (5) DIY

1. brothers of destruction vs diy - face off

(3) Natural Disasters vs. (6) Mega Powers

1. mega powers vs natural disasters - face off

(2) The New Day vs. (7) Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero

1. new day vs rey and eddie - face off

Chi-Town Region

(1) Road Warriors vs. (8) The Twin Towers

1. twin towers vs road warriors - twin towers standing tall
Look at these two massive competitors Brain

(4) The Revival vs. (5) Diesel and Shawn Michaels

1. the revival vs shawn and diesel - face off

(3) The Dudley Boyz vs. (6) The Mega Bucks

1. the dudley boyz vs mega bucks -face off

(2) The Usos vs. (7) Lex Luger and The Giant

1. the giant and lex luger vs the usos - lex and jey face off