March Bashness 2019 – Vote now for the Unbreakable Eight

I’m trying to stay in time with March Madness for this so hopefully I can get this knocked out over the weekend. I like this slew of matchups. There’s some fun would-have been dream matches. Let’s see how you see them playing out.


Calgary Coast Region

(1) The Hart Foundation vs. (4) The Bullet Club

hart foundation vs bullet club

The Hart Foundation hopes to have a few clips left in order to survive this shoot out with the former NJPW tag team champions.

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(2) Demolition vs. (6) Masters of the Powerbomb

demolition vs masters of the powerbomb

Ax, Smash and Crush will have to decide which pair can topple these monsters, who already defeated a three-man squad in the first round when they took out The Shield.

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125th Street Region

(1) Harlem Heat vs. (5) Sting and British Bulldog

harlem heat vs sting and british bulldog

Harlem Heat resume their feud with Sting and the British Bulldog as they view to be the WCW representative from this region.

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(3) The Rock n Sock Connection vs. (7) The Two Man Power Trip

rock n sock connection vs two man power trip

This battle of four of the greatest stars from the Attitude Era will depend on which team trusts each other and avoid imploding first.

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Awesomeness Region

(1) Christian and Edge vs. (4) The Brothers of Destruction

christian and edge vs brothers of destruction

Which pair of siblings will survive to make it to the next round?

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(2) New Day vs. (6) The Mega Powers

new day vs mega powers

Can the power of positivity defeat the power of this mega alliance?

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Chi-Town Region

(1) Road Warriors vs. (4) Shawn Michaels and Diesel

road warriors vs shawn michaels and diesel

Can the Legion of Doom send HBK and Diesel off the road?

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(6) The Mega Bucks vs. (7) Lex Luger and The Giant

lex luger and the giant vs mega bucks

Will this WCW duo cash out the billionaire and his giant backup?

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