Here’s the official pictures of the Marvel Legends Build-A-Thanos wave

Time for another round of Marvel Legends. This one is for the Avengers: Endgame Build a Figure Thanos wave. It looks like a winner and one I might end up getting the BAF by default since I really like 5/6 of this wave.


This isn’t my preferred attire for Hercules, but it’ll do for now. I’m assuming Hasbro will continue their trend and make the classic attire in the next year or so.

Ebony Maw

My favorite of Thanos’ Black Order gets a solo release. I’m now thinking I need to finish getting all of the pieces of the BAF Cull Obsidian.

Living Laser

This is a cool look for Iron Man’s enemy. I kinda like the older look for him, but I won’t be mad about having this look either since it’s so unique.



I’m all about adding this Defenders’ fixture to the collection. He’ll look great with the rest of the team.

Citizen V

Here’s another one I’m stoked about getting as I’ll add another member to my classic Thunderbolts roster. I’m hoping we get more members over the next few waves.


I’m excited about this one. It’s not entirely comic accurate, but I will happily replace my old Hasbro version.

Captain America

We’ve seen the Hawkeye and Black Widow two-pack, which has extra heads for Nebula, Iron Man and Ant-Man. I’m not sold on these team attire figures, but they do look nice.

Photo Credit: Hasbro