Avengers: Endgame gets a new trailer to ease the wait for tickets

I swear I felt like I went to the dark ages of dial up waiting to get my Avengers: Endgame tickets. The iGeneration has no idea how it felt waiting on pages to load/buffer until today. I hadn’t missed it. AT ALL.

But tickets were secured so I can bring my wife and Dad along for my ridiculous hype for this movie. I’ll likely have seen a press screening by that point, but I figure I’ll want to check it out about a 100 times or so and the full audience experience is always more fun than just the press. I tend to get weird looks when I’m there rocking my Avengers gear.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers Endgame Special Look

It wasn’t until I talked to my brother that I realized I’d purchased tickets for Saturday instead of Friday. Rookie mistake. Fortunately, Fandango’s exchange service is incredibly easy. I didn’t even have to wait some goofy hold time for my original ticket credit to be put to my account. I wish Fandango had a free poster this round, but I’m glad I used them for this round.

Anyway this new trailer was easily the best that we’ve seen so far. It brought the band back together with Captain America and Iron Man back on the same page. But what geeked me out the most was the shot of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor – The Avengers Big 3 – heading towards Thanos. Is this the final moment of the film where the Big 3 sacrifice themselves? Hopefully not.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios