First look at WWE Ultimate Edition Bret Hart and Shinsuke Nakamura figures

It didn’t take long after we got the first packaged pictures of the WWE Ultimate Edition Ultimate Warrior and Ronda Rousey to get the first look at the next wave. I’ve long gone on record that Bret Hart and Sting are my all-time favorites so a lot was riding on how Bret turned out as far as my future with this line.

And man, this figure blows me away likeness wise. The Hitman figures have always come close, but this really captures Bret’s likeness. I can’t wait to see how this articulation works as it could significantly enhance the ability to lock in various poses. How will this figure manage a Sharpshooter?

wwe ultimate edition bret hart figure - accessories

I love that we can finally get Bret’s iconic ring entrance pose with the jacket and open arms. This has been a long time coming and is a nice compromise over the hard plastic ring gear. I’m already looking forward to Series 2 more than Series 1 now.

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Nakamura doesn’t look bad either. I don’t feel as overwhelmed to pay $30 for his figure though since Mattel already ‘got me’ one time with his original Defininig Moment figure. Nakamura will really depend on how the articulation handles. If I can pose him to get off a convincing knee strike, I’m on it. Otherwise, I’ll wait for a deep discount of just skip it altogether.

wwe ultimate edition shinsuke nakamura figure - accessories

It looks like the torso joint isn’t as pronounced with figures wearing singlets. That said, I’d love to quickly see a Kurt Angle or Mr. Perfect in the Ultimate Edition line. Mattel appears to be going with a current/flashback setup with the Ultimate line. Is there any chance the next flashback won’t be a Macho Man? Alternate head sculpts could be helpful with Macho Man for sure. I’m curious if they’ll go early 80s, cowboy style or WCW for his figure cause we know it’s coming.

For the modern character, that’s a more interesting option. Roman Reigns maybe? He’d be hard to really take advantage of the format. Seth Rollins perhaps. Not a lot of guys have cool entrance gear anymore, which seems to be one of the main selling points of the line. Jeff Hardy seems like someone Mattel could make enough swappable parts to make it worthwhile.

Who do you want to see?

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Photo Credit: Mattel