Image Comics reviews for the week of 4/3/19

Section Zero #1

section zero 1

The story starts in 2000 after the main character, Sam Wildman, gets a call from the United Nations’ A.J. Keeler alerting him to a potential animal attack in the Australasian outback. Sam comes off as a decent guy getting rid of the locals so he can investigate another strange beast in Siatok without any harm to the locals. During Tom’s investigation, he is attacked by a strange beast.

This leads to the introduction of the team’s second member, Tina, who comes in for the quick rescue. Unfortunately, this rescue is short lived as the Siatok’s army is there to eliminate any individual with “questionable intent,” which Tina and Sam definitely fall under. After a standoff with the army, Sam and Tina are rescued by the third member, Tesla, a cool 70s looking alien who drops down from his spaceship.

Once aboard the alien spaceship, we learn that the beast is actually a young kid named Thom from San Francisco who was turned into a bug by a tattoo artist in Cambodia. I laughed when Thom says that tattoo changes him into a bug for 24 hours, which he uses to call himself, the 24-hour Bug. This leads to a segue detailing the mission of Section Zero, which is the United Nations’ plausible deniability team of all the strange things in the world that no one wants to admit exist. We also get a little bit of backstory that Sam and Tina were previously married, but have a decent working relationship.

As Sam is giving the all clear to AJ, it turns out that AJ is running another side team named The Ghost Soldiers. It felt weird to know there is some shady stuff going on with our G-Men in the first issue versus a slight build up. It was an interesting choice from writer Karl Kessel.

As a whole, the book wasn’t bad and feels like a throwback to any early 1980s comic like Savage Land or Swamp Thing. Tom Grummett’s art is reminiscent of Roger Stern 1980’s run with Spider-Man, which is fitting for a book with more of an old school tone.

Rating: 7 out of 10