Image Comics reviews for the week of 4/3/19

Vindication #3

vindication 5

Jeff reminded me that a good comic book should let a new reader pick it up and understand the story and where it is going. About halfway through this one, I started to see where the story could go, but know this isn’t a series destined for a hundred issue run.

We start with two police officers in a bar listening to the television of the sad story that a lot of black folks hear way too much of about a young black male being killed in police custody. One mentions that their fellow officers, Chip, might be dirty and may have planted evidence at a crime scene. Writer MD Marie throws out some interesting subplots to keep the story moving.

Without any further explanation, we are relocated to another scene where we meet Chip being beaten by a bunch of black men and thrown in the back of a car. Chip’s past comes back to haunt him as the group leader was falsely labeled a serial killer on a case Chip investigated. Chip manages to get a new ride and his new partner tells him they have to get a lead on a new case with another connection to the group leader. The group leader knows he’s being framed and has to find out why before he’s imprisoned again.

Carlos Miko has a solid realistic style that is very fitting for this grounded story. Colorist Thiago Gonclaves puts in some exquisite work with the color blends that set the tone for the respective moods in the various scenes.

When I started this book, I was initially turned off because I’m not a fan of the police versus black males tale, but by the end of the book it felt like this could make for a good TV miniseries than a comic book.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics