Wrestlemania Axxess reveals Magnificent Muraco, Gorilla Monsoon, Ricochet figures coming

As part of WWE Axxess, Mattel showed off a slew of new prototypes of upcoming figures and there was even some exciting reveals for Flashback collectors.

Maybe the best surprise was the Gorilla Monsoon figure. It’s not as beefy as Gorilla was even in his commentating days, but it’ll be great to have him join The Brain in the commentary table. He’ll be in a special Wal-Mart exclusive two-pack with the Heenan figure that was a Toys R Us exclusive. While I wish there was some difference with the figure it was too nice for people whose TRU closed shop before it arrived to miss out.

wwe survivor series battle packs wal-mart - bobby heenan and gorilla monsoon

Magnificent Muraco was a great reveal. He was one of the big players in the mid-80s and an essential star. Now it’s time to start focusing on getting that Greg The Hammer Valentine figure.

After years of asking for it, we’re finally getting a 1999 Big Show. This will pair up nicely with the Target Hall of Champions Undertaker.

We saw early prototypes of John Cena with his JBL-style haircut, Johnny Gargano, EC3, Adam Cole with his Bay Bay expression, a Sara Logan to complete The Riott Squad, a new Alicia Foxx, a new Drew McIntyre for everyone foiled at every turn of the way in finding the Target exclusive version


WWE Elite 69 was revealed for the first time as well. This set is sure to frustrate a few collectors as once again Target and Wal-Mart get their own exclusive figures. The Rock is the Wal-Mart exclusive, which is annoying as it looks to be the best likeness of The Great One yet. Sonya Deville is the Target exclusive. Ricochet and Mustafa Ali were too early to show more than the mock up version, but it’s coming to round out the series.

WWE Elite 70

Finn Balor
Seth Rollins
Johnny Gargano

wwe elite 70 - seth rollins

WWE Elite 71:

John Cena
Drew McIntyre
Jeff Hardy
Adam Cole


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wwe ultimate deletion playset

Photo Credit: WWE.com