Hit-Girl Season 2 #3 review – Hollywood had it coming

Hit-Girl in Hollywood has been a mini-series that’s absolutely lived up to its potential. Hit-Girl unleashed in Hollywood was a fun idea and writer Kevin Smith and artist Pernille Ørum have made sure it exceeded expectations.

In the penultimate issue, Mindy is battered and bruised after her encounter with the real menace at the Hollywood back lot production of Hit-Girl. In true Mindy fashion, Hit-Girl bullies a pediatrician into patching her up and makes a game-changing discovery. Smith really has a good feel for writing Mindy and avoids going too extreme with her personality so she’s not any fun. Yeah, Mindy is a little…off, but Smith uses that to keep her more unpredictable than psychotic.

hit-girl season 2 #3

I love Ørum‘s work. She has such a vibrant and captivating style. Typically, I’d find an artist that keeps such blank backgrounds cheating a bit, but Ørum makes her characters so expressive that it’s not an issue. For a Hit-Girl story, this arc has been decidedly less violent and bloody, but Ørum‘s art has been so engaging it hasn’t been all that noticeable.


Sunny Gho’s colors are key to the presentation. I appreciate the heavy use of Hit-Girl purple and pink throughout as a subtle reminder this is her title.

Smith ups the ante with the stakes this issue to fully set the stage for the final confrontation. Hit-Girl might not just have her imitator to contend with, but a vengeful studio head, a pair of questionable FBI agents and an army of goons looking for payback. It’s got the makings for a fun conclusion and with this creative team, I’ve little doubt it won’t deliver.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics