Prodigy #5 review – another brilliant installment

Prodigy is a really fun title and it’s one where writer Mark Miller is showing the most dangerous super power is the human mind.

Edison Crane and Rachel have tracked down the major cog to solving the mystery of the spaceship and the pending invasion. Millar writes Edison as an Indiana Jones type who’s more intellectual than impulsive. It makes Edison a different kind of action hero as he’s not taking risks he hasn’t already figured out multiple solutions.

prodigy 5

To prevent Edison from becoming so perfect that he’s boring, Millar throws in some interesting twists this issue to keep Edison and the readers on their toes. It’s been such a cool experience rolling with Edison that it became easy to forget this is a limited series and some kinks needed to be thrown in to give him a challenge.


Rafael Albuquerque’s artwork is such a great fit for the book as he brings a liveliness and excitement to every action sequence while finding immersive panels to draw you in during the dialogue heavy moments. The opening act really brought back that Raiders of the Lost Ark feel with a race against the clock to get away from superior numbers with time rapidly working against Edison. Colorist Marcelo Maiolo never does bad work, but on this book his color choices always seem dead on and bring an added element to the story.

There’s just one more issue left of this run, but I’m already hoping Millar has plans for a Prodigy ongoing series. There’s too much potential and exciting stories to limit it to just six issues.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics