DC Comics reviews for 4/10/19 – Superman #10, Detective Comics #1001

The Flash #68

the flash #68

With one of the best collections of villains it’s easy for some of The Flash’s Rogues to go unappreciated. Writer Joshua Williamson must agree as he’s used these last few issues to reintroduce The Trickster as a serious threat to The Flash. No kidding.

Barry learns how James Jesse has turned Central City to the happiest place on Earth, but not without a cost. With his allies out of commission, The Flash has to use his resourcefulness to come up with a means to stop Trickster before the final punchline.

What’s made this arc so fun is Williamson captures the flavor of a Silver Age story in a modern setting. Trickster is more of a playful jokester than a psychotic killer and Williamson doesn’t force an ill-fitting makeover to make Trickster such a problem for The Flash. This has been a fun arc and a nice departure from Brooding Barry upset about the loss of Wally West.

It’s never a bad issue when Scott Kollins is on hand to take care of the art. Kollins’ lovely and energetic pages give the book the needed visual jolt and he seems to have a lot of fun with Trickster’s expressions. Luis Guerrero does a terrific job conveying the happy themes of this arc with bright yellows, reds and oranges.

Not every arc needs to be an event or some big emotional wringer. The Flash still keeps the Rebirth mentality of making comics fun and inviting while encouraging readers to not miss an issue.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10