Kick-Ass #13 review – still locked on target

Patience won a major battle, but as she quickly learns this issue the war is far from over.

Beyond juggling her life as a vigilante turned noble crimelord, she’s got to deal with her ex-husband coming back on the scene, a new dangerous gang looking to make their mark and the fallout from her brother-in-law learning her secret identity.

Writer Steve Niles has found a great format for Kick-Ass, one that’s not so reliant on just non-stop violence. Patience struggling to find the right balance in her life is pretty compelling and Niles has worked in enough personal drama that it’s just as entertaining as watching Patience put two slugs in a gang member’s chest.

kick-ass #13

The arrival of the new gang will definitely prove to be problematic, but it’s the drama with Maurice that Niles centers most of the focus this issue. That’s the smart option as Maurice is the one character Kick-Ass can’t just kill to wipe all her problems away. I love how Niles has so many subplots in the works as it gives the sense that at any point in time the book can shift to another issue for Patience.


Marcelo Frusin’s art is appropriately the right amount of roughness this book needs. It’s not pretty, but it’s highly effective for Kick-Ass and is very easy to follow. Sunny Gho’s colors are always done with such smooth precision that the book is colorful without being overly bright while avoiding being too drab and dark.

After a brief hiatus, Kick-Ass is back, kicking tail, taking names and once again being one of the best vigilante comics on the stands today.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics