Gideon Falls #12 review

Gideon Falls #12 is a departure from the previous mind trip as writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino take the series down a more pronounced horror thriller path. This is one of the more memorable issues so far in the series and a hint that things are about to get a lot wilder.

Were taken to 1886 where Father Burke and the sheriff are trying to stop a posse from dispatching outlaw justice. Neither are prepared for what they find, but it’s Burke who gets caught in a bizarre loop through Gideon Falls pursuing a nightmarish creature that seemingly wants an audience. Lemire is a masterful storyteller and with each issue, the mystery and creepiness increases.

I don’t know of another artist who could pull off this story as effectively as Sorrentino.


What Sorrentino does so well as a storyteller is the selective nature of what he shows the reader. It’d be too easy to show everything but letting the reader’s imagination fill in the gaps in this case is crucial to the terrifying nature of Gideon Falls.

Dave Stewart’s use of colors always seems dead on. This isn’t the kind of story that needs bright colors, but Stewart uses striking reds and blacks to emphasize the horror feel.

gideon falls #12

Gideon Falls remains a captivating and engrossing read. It’s one of my favorites to get sucked into each month and as the secrets unfold I’m more and more hooked into this massive, haunting story.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics