Arrow: Lost Canary review S7 E18

Lost Canary was a random standalone episode that did little to advance the meager main plot. It did offer something we haven’t gotten much of this year — a spotlight on Felicity and the Canaries.

Laurel goes on an anti-hero bender falling off the wagon and hanging out with former Diaz associate Shadow Thief. I’ve given up being hopeful about the treatment of cool villains in the Arrowverse, but even with my lower standards, Shadow Thief in name only was disappointing.

Dinah rightfully starts a woman hunt for Laurel, but Felicity doesn’t want Dinah screwing up her time with her BFF and tries to convince Dinah that Laurel’s learned her lesson, honest. Oh yeah screw your boyfriend Laurel killed, Dinah.

arrow lost canary review - black siren and shadow thief

With Dinah not listening, Felicity hacks her way into Laurel’s hideout computer and convinces her to come back.

“What happened to you wasn’t fair, Dinah didn’t have your back.” What??? Felicity is tripping now. Laurel is literally going against the law right now, Felicity!

I love that the Canary episode of Arrow still manages to put Felicity front and center. Perish the thought that other underwritten characters could get developed in an episode where Stephen Amell makes a glorified cameo.

The last few episodes we’ve gotten about 15 minutes of Amell on screen. The show is basically on fumes. The star seems checked out, other key supporting characters are leaving the series and these final episodes can’t get here fast enough.

In this week’s distraction, Oliver and Diggle track down a lead and find a Longbow Hunter, who tips them off that Dante ordered the hit on Emiko’s mother. Ah, Oliver hasn’t abandoned his idea he can save her. If only this Oliver/Emiko relationship has been developed earlier to properly sell his need to believe Emiko can be redeemed.

arrow lost canary review - sara and laurel

That’s the theme of this episode. Sara pops up to clean up Laurel’s mess, but even she’s #TeamLaurel. Bonus, with no lame dudes to beat down we might actually see a woman on Arrow lose a fight.

I’m totally shipping Felicity and Sara so long as Felicity leaves this season early. Why wouldn’t Sara want Felicity, right?

“You can’t force redemption on people.” What an incredibly ironic line the writers included this episode. It’s like they’re saying that line for all of us who aren’t buying this Laurel subplot at all. But they still are pushing Laurel is just misunderstood not evil despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Felicity tracks Laurel down, but Dinah wants Felicity to tag along instead of the competent ninja warrior Sara. Makes sense. They barely escape a bomb Laurel left that gets excused away by saying Laurel didn’t have to set it with a timer. Seriously?!?


Sara finds Laurel at Quentin’s grave and decides Laurel can be saved too. Of course. But first Laurel has to turn on Shadow Thief and beat down a bunch of sucker dudes. Then Felicity arms the bomb and kills all the dudes in the building. I don’t expect Felicity to feel any remorse. It’s not like she nuked another town or something.

Laurel decides she’s going back to Earth-2. That checks out. Resolve long-standing problem and bail. That’s the Arrow way. Felicity gives Dinah the canary cry device she whipped up for Sara and gives Laurel the Black Canary costume.

A fair amount of chatter online hailed this episode for featuring so many women, but I remain disappointed the only diversity was Dinah’s hair.

It stings like the kind of empowering too many women recently in power want to see. Like now Arrow has an episode with all white women it’s mission accomplished as far as diversity when the show’s few black women were written out in Season 1, killed like Amanda Waller or casually dismissed like Watson. Maybe we can start capping for redemption for The Silencer?

The flash forward didn’t do a lot. Dinah’s Canary Network is getting wiped out, which would mean more if we’d been given a reason to care about them. With no development these are just random disposable characters.

arrow lost canary review - future felicity and dinah

I still don’t care about Mia. She’s all attitude and I don’t have the patience for her to form a team that shows her a different, kinder way to function. I could just watch Arrow Seasons 4,6 and 7 for that.

Mia tries to take out the predator hunter taking out the canaries, but gets beaten down(?). Before she gets killed, future Laurel debuts and makes the save. So we know she’s still alive. Yay.

There’s four episodes left this season and it feels like there’s no direction. Emiko hasn’t been built up effectively as the big bad and there’s not enough time left to turn things around. The only thing I’m looking forward to at this point is how Felicity gets written out.

Rating: 3 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW