Avengers: Endgame snaps up more than $100 Million on China’s opening day

Get ready for a lot of these posts, but Avengers: Endgame has begun its box office records destroying run.

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The Marvel Studios juggernaut opened in China two days ahead of its US debut to massive numbers with $102 million. That set a new record for China’s biggest opening day beating out Monster Hunt 2. Monster Hunt 2 went on to earn $187.9 million its opening weekend, a record that already seems in jeopardy.

Endgame also established a new pre-sale record with $110 million. Monster Hunt 2 racked up $59.6 million in pre-sales. China had never had a film earn more than $15 million in midnight screening pre-sales until Endgame either. On Wednesday, Endgame pretty much covered every movie ticket sold in China — 99% — and 83% of screenings.


Maoyan, China’s counterpart to online ticket services like Fandango, predicts Endgame could bring in $521 million in China alone. That would easily destroy the foreign film record set by The Fate of the Furious ($393 million). If that number holds true, Endgame would be the fourth highest grossing film in China behind Wolf Warrior II, The Wandering Earth and Operation Red Sea.

How far do you think Endgame’s box office will go this weekend? I feel like we’re looking at a box office killer and something every Marvel fan is going to want to see this weekend.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures