Gotham: They Did What? review S5 E11

I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing this one as there’s only two episodes left of Gotham. This season really warranted a full episode count as it’s been too fun for just 12 episodes.

They Did What was another crazily satisfying episode as we head to next week’s series finale. Honestly this episode was so good and such a fitting way to end Gotham that it would have been a great series finale.


Next week is more likely going to leave me seriously disappointed we’re not immediately getting a Batman series with this crew.

With the army coming to Gotham unknowingly operating under Nyssa al Ghul’s orders, Gordon rallies Bullock, Lucius and the GCPD to brace for attack. Nyssa isn’t worried about Gordon and company as she’s taunting Barbara with her baby girl. Barbara is in tremendous shape for someone who just had a baby yet this is a show that someone comes back to life pretty much every other episode.

Despite their big plans, Penguin has a change of heart and tells Riddler he won’t let Nyssa and Bane destroy Gotham. Riddler does come around…since the sub requires two operators. Or he generally did want to help. I love that Riddler’s ambiguous enough of a character that his actions could interpreted either way.

gotham they did what review - riddler and penguin with gcpd

Bruce meanwhile gets ready for the big battle after a visit from Lucius and gets some new tech including a glitchy one called Nightwing. Nice touch. Selina manages to track Lee down as she was left at Sirens. Odd that Nyssa left her alive…

Oh yeah, it is time for a shootout. This was the scene teased at the start of this season with Gordon and Bullock side by side with Riddler and Penguin. Bane’s troops overwhelm Gordon’s crew and in the shootout, Penguin’s right eye gets badly injured. It’s probably nothing a little monocle couldn’t help.

Lucius tracks down General Wade and tells Gordon shorting the electrical chip will free him of Nysaa’s control. Yeah, good luck beating down an al Ghul, Jimbo. Nyssa beats Gordon down until Barbara can help out. Together they tie her up long enough for Barbara to stab her with the same dagger that killed Ra’s. Gotta admire her consistency. Barbara found a way to kill somebody and sticks with it.

Bruce resurrects Jeremiah’s Bomb plan to topple buildings in hopes of delaying the military strike. Destroying Wayne Enterprises after the fall of Wayne Manor was tough, but it served the purpose of freeing Bruce of material attachment. The writers are doing an awesome job of laying the fabric for Bruce’s final phase of becoming Batman.

gotham they did what review - bane

That’s even before a surprisingly great Bruce & Selina vs. Bane fight, which ends with Bruce using the Nightwing device. That glitch Lucius couldn’t figure out? The tech attracted bats, which swarm on Bane. Rather than get rattled by the sight of them, Bruce looks on with admiration and respect. And when he sees one flying up near the moon, he’s inspired.

Recovered from his bat attack, Bane brings the army to the GCPD’s gates preparing to open fire on Gordon, Lee, Bruce, Selina, Bullock, Penguin and Riddler. But then a funny thing happens, the citizens of Gotham rally around Gordon and stand up against the military. Recognizing his orders to shoot are crazy, the military turns on Bane and arrests him.

This was a significant moment for Gotham as Gordon constantly failed at getting the citizens to fully trust him with their lives. Getting the GCPD on board was a big win, but the people? That was a minor miracle. Next we get what could have been a perfect epilogue for the series.

Barbara wants to name the baby Barbara Lee Gordon so her daughter knows who she can rely on.


Nyssa makes off with the sub, which sends Penguin and Riddler spiraling and deciding they won’t be common criminals anymore. They felt disrespected and under appreciated for their efforts to help repel Bane. Their heel turn is very effective here.

Gordon is officially named commissioner and Bruce decides to leave as his life is too public. This allows for the appropriate passage of time for folks to forget Bruce was operating on a junior ninja level at this point.

David Mazouz killed these final scenes as I completely bought Bruce feeling like he was to blame for Gotham’s woes. He’s channeled Bruce Wayne’s inner turmoil perfectly. The best part of Gotham has been watching his maturation from plucky kid to a teen I genuinely believe would grow up to become Batman.

Bruce left a letter for Selina and says his goodbye to Alfred before heading off in a private plane. Selina doesn’t arrive in time to convince him to stay and Bruce leaves Gotham, nothing like the child in which he started.

gotham they did what review - jim and bruce

They Did What? was a fantastic episode that paid off a ton of subplots without feeling rushed. Based off the teaser for next week, we’re going to get a taste of how Gotham could have been if it continued on into the arrival of Batman. I kinda can’t wait, but am down my guilty pleasure show is almost over.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: FOX