Avengers: Endgame’s opening weekend will set two unmatched major box office records

Another day, another box office record Avengers: Endgame destroys without even it look close.

On Friday, the potential highest grossing domestic film ever roared to a crazy $156 million haul. Star Wars: The Force Awakens saw its record mark of $119.1 million left in the dust.

Endgame crossed the $100 million mark in only 17 hours according to Disney. This time Endgame didn’t beat a Force Awakens record, but one set by its predecessor Avengers: Infinity War, which crossed the mark in 22 hours.

Box office experts now expect Endgame to not just be the first film to open over $300 million, but could conceivably reach $345 million to $350 million. That’s insane.

Endgame is already the second highest grossing film of 2019 hours into its run. By the end of the weekend, it could trail current leader Captain Marvel ($408 million) by $60 million.

The conclusion of the Avengers Infinity Saga is enjoying some of Marvel Studios’ best ratings with an A+ CinemaScore and 96% freshness on Rottentomatoes.com.

Photo Credit: Disney