Avengers: Endgame vanquished these box office records with historic opening weekend

Captain America, Iron Man and company proved to be Earth’s Mightiest Blockbuster Stars too.

Avengers: Endgame shattered pretty much every box office record worth breaking with a staggering $350 million domestic opening and an outstanding $1.2 billion worldwide.

Here’s some crazy numbers. Four out of every five tickets sold at the box office this weekend in the US were for Endgame.

Endgame opened $93.7 million bigger than Avengers: Infinity War ($258 million), which set the previous record last year.

It had the biggest Saturday opening with $110 million besting the $82.1 million set by Infinity War. Sunday’s haul will set another record with $84 million beating the $69.2 million brought in by Infinity War.

With $300 million in three days, Endgame set the new mark, knocking out Star Wars: Force Awakens, which set the record in five days.

Globally, Endgame was just as impressive. It ran away from The Fate of the Furious’ $443 million record for best international opening with a ridiculous $859 million.

The best opening weekend previously sat at $640.5 million (Avengers: Infinity War) but Endgame blew it away with $1.2 billion.

Endgame is now No. 18 on the all-time worldwide list. It’s also No.50 on the domestic list, but by Wednesday it could crack the top 25.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney