Awesome Con 2019 – creator chats and cosplay galleries

One of my favorite parts of Awesome Con each year is getting a chance to talk to the comic book pros who’ve made it and the ones looking to become household names in the industry. Awesome Con 2019 was no different.

Kevin Maguire said he’s got one more issue left on Supergirl before departing the title. While he enjoys working on some of the biggest characters in comics, Maguire said he’s shifting attention to creator owned work. He’s got an idea about a book that he’ll also be writing which he described as a cross of several shows including Veep. It sounds like it should be a lot of fun and Maguire said he’s looking forward to scripting instead of working on someone else’s scripts.

Awesome Con 2019 - Kevin Maguire

I caught up with Cat Staggs, who had some of her incredible artwork on display. If you missed out, you can grab some here.  Staggs explained her process for such lifelike artwork is using a lot of models including herself. Staggs was also excited to talk about Crosswind, which is now in the midst of being pitched as a series. If you haven’t checked out the series, it’s a cross of Freaky Friday meets Goodfellas and you can get it very cheap right now.

Awesome Con 2019 - Cat Staggs

Staggs said she’s ready for Vol. 2 of the series and joked to tell writing partner Gail Simone to hurry up with the scripts so she can get to work.

I was able to talk to Peter J. Tomasi and congratulate him on his terrific run on Detective Comics so far. Tomasi said he’s really enjoyed the run so far and hoping to stay on Detective for a while. He’s excited about working with artist Bradley Walker on the series and is looking forward to surprising readers as the Arkham Knight story continues to unfold.

Awesome Con 2019 - Tom King and Peter J. Tomasi

In a fortuitous moment, Batman writer Tom King stopped by for a moment and naturally with 2/3 of the main Batman writers on hand, we ended up talking about Avengers: Endgame. King and Tomasi agreed they preferred the more straightforward story of Avengers: Infinity War more and thought the middle chapter of Endgame got a little slow. They both loved that Captain America moment in Endgame though.

As far as a crossover among the various Batman books? Don’t count on it anytime soon. Tomasi said with both titles coming out every other week, it’s challenging to plan out a shared arc or otherwise keep up with the events in the other titles.


I talked to Hawkman/Freedom Fighters writer Robert Venditti about the challenges of a Hawkman title. Readers have been burned too often with starts and stops on Hawkman titles making it hard to find an audience. But I definitely recommend checking it out as it’s been awesome as well as Freedom Fighters.

Awesome Con 2019 - Serena Loder

I also met up with my pal Serena Loder about her new series, Conscripted. Serena said she was happy with the sales of her original art pieces as well.

And here’s some cosplay pics.