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Take a look at these new pictures of the Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary figures

Hasbro showed some new pictures of the Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary line and I want them yesterday.

The most impressive remain that awesome Thor and Iron Man.

These look like the classic versions of the characters I’ve wanted. I’m sure Hasbro will release a yellow version of this golden Iron Man at some point, but he’s always been called the Golden Avenger, right?

Captain America is the one I see double dipping on (again) for a lighter version. Not that I want Cap smiling like an idiot, but Hasbro definitely likes their stern looking Captain America head sculpts, don’t they?


Next up is the Hulk and Wolverine set. I’ve kept the Toy Biz first appearance Wolverine in my display as it’s held up well. I’m surprised at how much better this version looks. The Hulk is definitely going to be my new default version of the character although I will be keeping the Face-Off Hulk with The Defenders.

MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 80TH ANNIVERSARY Figure - Hulk & Wolverine 2-Pack (oop)

Finally, we get packaged pics of Korg and The Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok. Too bad we couldn’t get Miek with him.

Photo Credit: Hasbro