Arrow: Confessions review S7 E20

After months of being my Arrowverse punching bag, it’s time to give credit where it’s due — Confessions was a pretty great episode of Arrow. Overall, this has been a rough and disappointing season, but an episode like this is a nice reminder of what Arrow could be when it just tells a compelling story.

Two transit guards have turned up dead and the SCPD found Team Arrow at the scene of the crime. Dinah knows how bad a look this is for Team Arrow to be under the microscope after working so hard to have her officers be able to co-exist with the former vigilantes.

arrow confessions review - dinah and sgt. billingsly

We get an extended interrogation sequence with Dinah and Sgt. Bingsley (Danny Wattley) trying to piece together what happened from Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Rene and…Roy Harper. Bingsley seemed a little too hostile to Team Arrow considering the last episode where the SCPD teamed with them they were on the same page.

Roy got called in since he was the only one of Team Arrow that Emiko didn’t know. Not that the red leather outfit, bow and quiver wouldn’t be a dead giveaway regarding his loyalties, but whatever. Thankfully the writers remember the last time we saw Roy he’d left off with Thea and Nyssa tracking down Lazarus Pits. This would be important later. Oliver didn’t call Thea in since he didn’t want her to feel bad about her father being a two-timing dog/evil one-percenter holding Starling City down for the good of his cronies.

One of the weirder aspects of this season is no one was repping Robert Queen for sainthood, he’s been one of the dirtiest characters of the series, but the main premise of Season 7 is Robert was terrible and Oliver has to pay for his sins? I wish I liked Emiko more, but her character is basically throwing a temper tantrum cause dad loved Oliver best! It completely undercuts her as a strong villain and foil for Oliver.

arrow confessions review -emiko and the ninth circle

Emiko and the Ninth Circle was preparing to unleash the thermal fogger, a device that would spread the bio weapon they stole last week. Now that they know Emiko is running the show and not acting on Dante’s behalf, Team Arrow has a clear agenda and Oliver has stopped trying to play Captain Save A Step-Sis.

Roy gets the call to infiltrate Aerodyne to stop Emiko and company from making off with the device. His exaggerated fight style is ridiculous, but man have I missed Roy’s fun action sequences. My biggest annoyance this episode was easily Felicity having the longest interrogation segment and being flippant, goofy galpal Felicity instead of treating it remotely serious.

That was more apparent when Roy, Diggle and Rene had very brief time recapping events from their perspective. Basically, Roy got knocked out by some Ninth Circle goons, Diggle saw Rene with the murder weapon, but Rene found Oliver there first. Oliver’s got to own up to what really happened — Emiko killed the guards. How anticlimactic.


Thankfully, there’s a pretty great twist. Back at the Arrowcave, the team breaks down what really happened, including Dinah, who was also there during this showdown. Roy was the killer as he raged out and killed the guards.

Oliver doesn’t care about blaming Emiko since she’s a killer anyway. Fair point. Oliver is intent on protecting Roy since he’s part of the team and chews out Rene for suggesting otherwise. In a private convo with Roy, Oliver has already figured out what happened and asks Roy how he died. Roy got killed helping Thea and ironically was felled by an arrow. Thea and Nyssa put him in a Lazarus Pit and the combination of that bloodlust mixed with the Mirakuri in his blood has occasionally set him off on violent rages.

This was a great Oliver/Roy moment. We really haven’t gotten a lot of those in the series, but better late than never. Oliver says Roy is coming along as they go after Emiko. One question though: who wiped the security footage since Dinah and Felicity both assumed the other did it. This would seem to be the most important function of a tech person on the team, right?

arrow confessions review - oliver

Oliver tracks down Emiko, but she’s gone old school supervillain and lures him in while she’s hiding behind a glass door. She had the footage and leaked it to the police. Why does she care? Emiko wants Oliver to die a villain as she explains she had a chance to warn Robert about the explosions on the Queen’s Gambit, but didn’t. Now she’s going to be responsible for both their deaths. Again, Emiko can’t help but come off super lame here even with a good plan. It’s such a childish motive that doesn’t give her the same emotional hatred for Oliver like a Slade or Prometheus.

She triggers an explosion that collapses the building on Team Arrow. Sorta seems like leaking the video to the police was unnecessary now…

Confessions played out in a fun format with the twists and various takes on the story until we got a payoff worthy of the build-up. Now let’s see how Arrow follows this strong episode up.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW