The Flash: Gone Rogue review S5 E20

After last week’s setup, I had high hopes for Gone Rogue, which featured Heel Nora working against Team Flash. In hindsight it was probably way too late in the season to try something this daring and out of the ordinary.

It’s a shame as Nora running wild for a few weeks would have been so much meaningful than Emiko pouting about Oliver getting more time with their bastard of a father over on Arrow this season. But with only two episodes left it’s a mad scramble to hurry up and tie up all the various loose ends. This season has been good enough, but with better pacing and planning a key plot points, it could have been even stronger.

Nora has managed to avoid all of Team Flash’s attempts to find her. She’s using negative tachyons to stay off their grid. Weekly reminder Team Flash: You are not bringing Nora back home in 2019. She is a grown woman with a life (?) all her own in 2049.

Maybe that’s my issue with this Nora subplot? For numerous seasons Iris put her life on hold to the point Felicity and Cecile were two of the three people (hey Caitlin) who made it for her bachelorette party. I get Nora wanted to hang out with Barry for awhile, but does she have nothing to miss back in her own time besides Thawne?

the flash - gone rogue review -rag doll, bug-eyed bandit, xs and weather witch

XS is off making new friends as she’s gathered Bug-Eyed Bandit, Weather Witch and Rag Doll to help her steal some items from McCollugh Tech. Nora’s committed enough to being bad that she distracts Barry so Bandit and Rag Doll can kidnap Sherloque and Cisco. She needs them to unlock Spencer’s hypnotizing phone. Hey, does anyone remember when Nora was crushing on Spencer and it was a big deal that Nora was a lesbian? Anyone? Oh, OK.

Nora pulls off a vibrating hand trick to prove she means business to Cisco. Not cool Nora. While in captivity, Cisco and Sherloque have a heart to heart at a very weird time to talk about their love life. This is kind of my point.

Nora got a real token mention of her romantic interests, but even while captured, we waste time on Cisco and Sherloque’s love life. The Flash writers do know that the characters don’t have to be in relationships, right? Besides, we’ve got the best in Arrowverse class with Barry & Iris and Joe & Cecile anyway. It’s not like other relationships would be able to compare.


Example 2: Ralph and Caitlin go to Icicle’s lab and find it in shambles. Ralph tries to help her deal with grieving her father who was barely around and then half the time as a murderous ice villain. Somehow this leads to a big talk about how Ralph will find the right woman. Unless her name is Sue, I’m not interested. This was another weirdly-timed moment to talk about character’s love lives.

Annoyingly, after the Young Rogues storm McCollugh Tech, Witch and Bandit turn on XS for reasons. Witch figures having Flash reveal his identity will make their rep. This was an unnecessary double cross.

the flash - gone rogue review - team flash

Team Flash was prepared as Sherloque used the hologram device to pretend to be Barry and while they were distracted, Team Flash drops their holograms. They were the “kidnapped” tech workers. It was kinda funny seeing Cecile play SWAT team bad-a$$.

Cisco knocks out Bandit’s meta-power dampener, which comes in handy as Barry takes a lightning blast meant for XS. This was a record reconciliation even for The Flash.

Turns out Nora was gathering all this tech to create a device to destroy Cicada’s dagger. It all comes back to Cicada II, even though XS was a far more interesting villain. Cicada II stole the metahuman cure and managed to weaponize it. What the heck is Grace in the future? A super ninja chemist tech genius? She really can do everything.

the flash - gone rogue review - cicada ii and cicada

Unless Team Flash can stop her, Cicada II is going to kill every meta in Central City. And somehow in the stinger, Grace is seeing her uncle again and she seems far happier to see him than the last time when she killed him. This is getting confusing.

Gone Rogue didn’t make the best use of Nora’s far too brief walk on the dark side and quickly shifted the focus back to the stale Cicada plot.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW