Pre-Order Marvel Legends Big-Time Spider-Man figure now

We’re getting a ton of interesting figures for the Marvel 80th anniversary as part of the Marvel Legends line.

Along with the two-packs and Alex Ross style Avengers, we’re getting some internet exclusives. Last week, we saw the Cowboy Logan figure. This week we’ve got the Big Time Spider-Man figure.

They can’t all be winners to me, but I know this is one that a lot of collectors have been waiting on Hasbro to redo.

Celebrate 80 years of Marvel with Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures. Collect them all! Ages 4 and up.

marvel legends big time spider-man full

This 6-inch tall action figure is so much larger than life! This articulated plastic Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6-Inch Big Time Spider-Man Action Figure includes comic-accurate deco. He’s got to make it show, yeah! Peter Parker is ready to take on new challenges in this exclusive action figure. He’s going to tell you how life is one big adventure!


I’m curious who could be up next. I feel like we’ve gotten all the possible Deadpool variants at this point. Would a new Iron Man Silver Centurion, Falcon or War Machine be in the mix?

Who would you like to see?

You can pre-order the Marvel Legends Big-Time Spider-Man figure from

Photo Credit: Hasbro