First Batwoman trailer reveals another Arrowverse production for better or worse

We got our first extended look at the CW’s Batwoman with the initial trailer. It seems very much like an Arrowverse take on the character for better or worse.

My favorite part of the trailer is when Katy says “They think I’m a woman. I’m not gonna let a woman take credit for a man’s work.” Wait…that was the opposite. Can you imagine the Twitter storm that would result if that were the case, though?

And there’s that other line about the batsuit not being perfection until it fits a woman.

batwoman - ruby rose as katy kane

Those struck me as a tad obnoxious. It might be hard to believe given the current political climate, but there’s actually a lot of non-neanderthal dudes out there who are perfectly secure enough in their manhood to watch a superhero show with a (gasp) woman lead and not be intimidated or feel threatened.

But I’ve grown tired of this lump ’em all in the same boat mentality. Batwoman won’t become more endearing because she regularly trashes dudes. Maybe I’m wrong and there is more than enough of an audience who will happily eat that kind of dialogue up?

Batwoman First Look Trailer

Between those lines and the somewhat dismissive attitude towards the black Alfred stand-in has me a tad worried.

I’m also super exhausted on the Arrowverse formula, which means this first season should be pretty good and then Batwoman gets surrounded by a team who all eventually become heroes. Lucius Fox has already been cast, which means Batwing won’t be too far off from showing up.


I don’t know about this one. How excited did this trailer leave you?

Photo Credit: The CW