James Wan to direct first episode of Mark Miller’s The Magic Order

Ever since The Magic Order #1, I’ve been excited about how it would play out on TV.

The Mark Millar comic series was this clever hybrid of The Godfather meets Harry Potter and the first chapter was excellent. I’m looking forward to seeing what Millar has in store for Book Two.

Somehow I’m even more stoked with the news that James Wan (Aquaman) is coming on board the project as an executive producer as well as directing the first episode for the Netflix series.

If it’s anything like the comics, this is going to quickly become one of Netflix’s most popular original series. Assuming Netflix puts the budget into really doing it right — and bringing Wan onboard is a good sign — this is going to surprise a lot of people.


Lindsey Beer, who is a hot prospect after Sierra Burgess is a Loser and has been tabbed to write the screenplay for Silver Sable and MASK films, will be the showrunner.

Want to get in on the hype before the series begins? Check out The Magic Order: Book One now.

Photo Credit: Netflix