DC Collectibles reveals new DC Essentials figures

Maybe we were too hasty writing the obit for DC Essentials? After no reveals at Toy Fair, many of us assumed the line would be wrapped up with the Red Hood figure, but DC Collectibles revealed two all new figures and an…essential repaint. The two new ones are very interesting as these were two figures we saw in the aborted upcoming waves for DC Icons. Will the second time be the charm?

dc essentials sinestro figure

Sinestro, once hailed as the greatest Green Lantern, now harnesses the ability to instill fear as his source of power. Will Hal Jordan, who is finally joining his super-friends in the DC Essentials action figure line, be able to stop the evil Sinestro? Pair these new figures together to find out.

dc essentials green lantern figure


Batman and Catwoman are both back in their classic costumes from the iconic ’90s Knightfall storyline. Batman’s action figure features his blue and gray color scheme, longer bat ears and capsule belt. dc essentials knightfall batman

Catwoman, Gotham City’s Feline Fatale, is depicted in her popular purple costume, and is the indispensable antihero to pair with the DC Essentials Batman.

dc essentials catwoman figure

These figures are slotted for release in January. Of course, that is subject to change, but it’s an encouraging sign for folks still invested in this line.

Photo Credit: DC Collectibles