Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review

Jubilee came along at a fun period of time for the X-Men. The team was in a major state of transition and Jubilation Lee wound up hitching a ride and joined the Outback squad after a series of adventures with Wolverine and Psylocke.  Then she basically became an iconic X-Man thanks to her major role on the X-Men cartoon series.

That meant Jubilee became a pretty in-demand character for a Marvel Legend. Hasbro teased us with one in the basically impossible to find X-Men series, but she was the BAF and sporting her less than iconic modern attire. That wasn’t a bad figure, but this wasn’t the figure you’d have with your Blue Team display. Fortunately, Hasbro has finally delivered with a vintage Jubilee. Let’s see if she was worth the wait.

Packaging:  No big changes here. Juibilee has comic style artwork on the sides and back with a cool strobe color accent to simulate her powers. The bio is adequate although it’s odd there’s no mention of her being an X-Man.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - bio

Figures that come with the torso for the Build A Figure always look like we’re getting two figures in one with the way they’re packaged.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - wide with hands out

Likeness:  When I think of Jubilee, I think of a few things — the trademark bright yellow trenchcoat, her funky pink goggles and bubble gum. This figure hits all of the major elements to make for the definitive Jubilee figure. There’s not a lot that can be reused here so it’s nice to see all the unique sculpting here like the shirt with pin, the shorts and boots and gloves.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - ready for sparks

Jubilee’s short hairstyle is faithfully replicated here and the sculpt has a good bit of character to show her personality.

Scale: Jubilee is taller than I’d like. She’s shorter than both Rogue and Psylocke, but has a much older than the early teen appearance she had in the Jim Lee books.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - x-men blue team

She is small enough to be able to climb on Beast’s back and not look silly.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - x-men blue team ready for action

Paint:  I’ve always like Jubilee’s random color scheme and the paintjob does a nice job of showcasing them in all of their obnoxious glory. My figure sported a pretty clean paint job all around with minimal overspray on the shorts and the pin is missing some gold coverage.

I assume most of these parts were molded in the specific color, but the details like the belt got added later. The elbows were painted flesh and they look like they needed another coat.

The alternate head sculpt also looks good and I’m impressed with the semi-transparent coloring of the bubble gum bubble.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - bubble gum head side

Articulation: I don’t think there’s anything unusual with Jubilee’s articulation, but I ended up having a lot of fun posing her. Hasbro used the ideal type of material for the trenchcoat so it’s not restrictive at all and Jubilee can hit all kinds of poses if you’re creative enough.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review -crouching


As usual, but especially in the case of characters that have some sort of projectile, I wish Hasbro would include the bicep swivel and double-jointed elbows.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - runningJubilee has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - with cyclops vs sabretooth

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - with rogue vs omega red

Accessories:  I’ve already mentioned a few times, but Jubilee has an alternate head with a blown bubble. Don’t try and pull the bubble out.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - alternate heads and goggles

She also comes with a separate pair of goggles, which you can put on or have lifted up. There are more options here than with the standard head as those goggles are removable.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - accessories in tray

Jubilee also comes with the torso of the Build-A-Figure Caliban.

Worth it?  Hasbro is cranking out the classic characters I want in the outfits and looks that I want with great sculpting, articulation and paintwork. Paying $20 is a more than fair trade off for me.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - ready for action

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

I really had a ball with this figure. I was hoping Hasbro wouldn’t let me down and they delivered an incredible take on Jubilee. The only nitpick is the painted elbows and lack of a bicep joint, but this is a highly recommended figure.

Marvel Legends Jubilee figure review - walking with wolverine

Where to get it?  Jubilee is proving to be one of the more popular figures in this wave so it’ll require some light stalking of area Wal-Marts and Gamestops to find her or you can always try