Marvel Legends Gambit figure review BAF Caliban wave

Normally, I’d build up to my most anticipated figures in a wave, but with this latest X-Men Marvel Legends series I’ve abandoned all pretense of patience. I’m too stoked to have a completed Hasbro version of the X-Men Blue Team, the rest of the wave has to wait for me to wrap the squad with my man Gambit.

Right away there was something about Gambit when he debuted in Uncanny X-Men. He really stood out and was cool in a way unlike any other X-Man. He’s the X-Men swag king and was immortalized by being part of the X-Men Blue Team and a fixture on the 92 cartoon series.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - with toy biz gambit

In fairness, Gambit was one of the last members of the team that needed an upgrade as the Toy Biz figure was pretty good. But, I’m happy that Hasbro just decided not to stretch this out for another year or two so we get their take on Gambit right now.

Packaging:  This is the same packaging we’ve had for a bit with some minor aesthetic changes with a splash more color on the side of the drawing to enhance the gold accents.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - package bio

The bio is solid. I guess Hasbro assumes everyone knows Gambit is with the X-Men.

Likeness:  Gambit is pretty much perfect. The sculpting is great and Hasbro didn’t skimp on any details. The intricate pattern of the chest piece is intact and the odd waist belt wasn’t avoided.  Ditto for the layered boots and patterns on his legs.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review -leg and boot detail

Gambit’s trench coat has the right amount of flair and his gloves have the necessary finger-less points. The expression has a perfectly cocky smirk without being too exaggerated.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review -wide shot

So what’s wrong? It’s the hair. It’s slanted too dramatically to the right and should be poofier instead of giving that impression Gambit’s in a wind tunnel. I’ve seen some customs with a fuller hairstyle and it’s the one area that could be improved upon with this figure.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - with sabretooth and mister sinister


Marvel Legends Gambit figure review -scale with mr. sinister, cyclops and wolverine

Scale:  Jim Lee kept Gambit slightly shorter than Cyclops, but that’s swapped here. I’d rather Gambit not be the tall guy on the team, but it’s not that huge a deal.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review -scale with sabretooth, cyclops, rogue and beast

Paint:  Gambit features a mix of colors with the turquoise, black and magenta, the red eyes and brown trench coat. It’s a lot going on, but Hasbro nailed it right down to the black irises in Gambit’s red pupils.

At this scale, Gambit’s stubble looked very sharp as well. All of the linework was very well done. My lone gripe is the painted flesh fingers. I’d think flesh would be a better way to go instead of trying to paint flesh on black plastic.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review -holding the bo staff

Articulation:  Like Jubilee, looking at Gambit might make you worried he’s rocking a plastic shell that’s going to ruin any possible chances of fun posing.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review -leaping into battle

Fortunately, Gambit’s coat has the same flexible material Hasbro used for Jubilee.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - throwing cards

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - with wolverine and beast

Gambit has:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - into action with jubilee and psylocke

Accessories:  Hasbro gave Gambit all the necessary accessories we’d need for him. He’s got his bo staff, an alternate hand with energy projectiles and a glowing card that can be positioned in his hand.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - accessories in tray

I love the translucent look to Gambit’s energy effect as well. The charged cards don’t have any sculpting details, but I think enough artists skimped on them that it’s not a problem. I’m hoping over time the bo won’t start getting loose in Gambit’s hand.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review -flinging cards

Gambit is the one figure in this wave that doesn’t come with a BAF part. Caliban doesn’t have a lot of other options for additional pieces, but I wouldn’t have minded if Gambit had some other random accessory that could be used for another figure…like a calm head for Beast.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - with staff and single card

Worth it?  The lack of a BAF part hurts Gambit a little as I’ve gotten accustomed to that added value for non-Walgreens figures. There are enough original sculpting elements here to justify the $20 price point for sure.

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review -with rogue

Since he’s double packed I wonder if Gambit won’t eventually be a figure you could find cheaper, but I wouldn’t throw all my chips in on that bet.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Marvel Legends Gambit figure review - x-men blue team

Where to get it?  You won’t have too much trouble finding this wave as a Target, Wal-Mart, Gamestop, Walgreens and Best Buy have them in stock. Online you can try Hasbro Pulse and Amazon.