DC Multiverse Vixen figure review – Collect and Connect Lex Luthor wave

Vixen was one of those short list characters I always felt Mattel should have gotten around to making a figure for with its DC Classics line. It’s taken a long time, but we finally get a Vixen in the 6-inch scale with more of her DC Rebirth look, which thankfully isn’t too big a departure from her more modern, pre-New 52 appearance.

Let’s see if the figure has me soaring like an eagle or seeing red like a bull.

Packaging:  Thanks to the color scheme of most DC characters, the blue packaging really helps figures stand out.

I really dig that ridged base as it looks different from other six-inch scale packaging. This looks to be the Jamal Campbell variant cover of Justice League Vixen Rebirth #1 special.

That was a good standalone if you missed it. The bio doesn’t offer a ton, but it covers the important elements of the character.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - arms out

Likeness:  I really like the head sculpt. Extremely sad fact — Vixen is the first black woman in the six-inch scale from Mattel. But hey, let’s complain about making comics more diverse.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - wide shot

I’m very impressed by the sculpt work on Vixen’s features and her hair as she looks like a black woman. The short hairstyle has great texture and flows in a manner to nearly obscure her left eye. Vixen also sports hoop earrings that look good for the scale. And her boots feature some grooves/texturing unique to Vixen’s outfit.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - looking to the side

Although there’s plenty of areas that would benefit from dedicated sculpting — namely the belt — most of the outfit details are covered via the paint job. Vixen’s totem necklace is sculpted and the sides of her boot are as well.


Scale:  There’s not a lot of changes with height for the various figures. Vixen is the same size as Batwoman, Jessica Cruz and Wonder Woman. Normally, I’d complain, but for the last hurrah of Mattel’s spin with the DC heroes, I’m just happy to get some new characters.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - scale with batwoman, jessica cruz and wonder woman

Paint:  The paintwork is very good for mass market release. Where we get most of the issues is just from the areas that aren’t sculpted. The belt “teeth” aren’t lined up flush along the lines. But those are very minor issues. For the most part, the paint job is exceptional with the somewhat complicated line work of Vixen’s outfit right down to the wristbands are sharp.

Mattel didn’t make Vixen too light or dark and went with a good shade for her skin.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - on the attack


Articulation:  Like Hasbro, I really wish Mattel added bicep articulation for the female figures. Vixen would really benefit from that extra articulation point as well as a waist joint to would help her hit more dynamic poses.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - on one knee

Still, you won’t struggle to find some fun poses for Vixen thanks to the enhanced articulation scheme. I wish there were better range on the elbow though.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - set for battle

Vixen has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - suicide squad with bronze tiger and deadshot

Accessories:   Vixen doesn’t offer a ton of accessory possibilities so Mattel had to get creative. In the comics and Justice League Unlimited, we would see the animal Vixen channeled when she tapped her totem.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - accessories in tray

To convey that, Mattel included a purple translucent version of the eagle we’ve seen with Beast Boy and Masters of the Universe lines. It’s the best option and adding something was appreciated.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - about to soar

Vixen also comes with the chest and torso of the CAC Super Lex figure.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - with bronze tiger

Worth it?  I grabbed Vixen for $19.99. That’s a fair price for a figure of this quality, excellent sculpt and a CAC part.

Rating:  9 out of 10

Vixen might be my favorite of the new DC Multiverse figures. Mattel did right by the character and her fans. With a few more improvements to the articulation and this would have been even better.

DC Multiverse Vixen figure review - with steel, batwing, duke thomas, black lightning, earth 23 superman, john stewart, bronze tiger and mr terrific

Where to get it?  Target is starting to get these figures in more regularly now so give them a shot. The Multiverse line is hard to track down, but try them first before hoping against hope Vixen shows back up on Amazon. Or you could ease the pain and order the complete CAC Super Lex Wave from Entertainment Earth.