Agents of SHIELD: All Roads Lead… review S5 E18

All Roads Lead… definitely took this season to an unexpected direction. Agents of SHIELD has always been good about subverting expectations and this one was exactly kind of late season game changer this season needed.

Daisy and May are effectively running SHIELD while Coulson gets his stuff together. I should find Deke crushing on Daisy annoying, but it’s leading to some funny moments with Coulson and Mac. I’m a sucker if it makes me laugh.

Thankfully Hale isn’t stuck in Ruby’s cell for too long as her aide returns just in time for Crusher Creel to start going bonkers. The gravitonium he absorbed had some serious side effects no one put on the label, namely that the user would start hearing voices from all the other people it’s already absorbed. And with Ruby now trying to absorb the gravitonium this could cause major problems…

Hale doesn’t have too long to consider this as Daisy and May crash into her base. I appreciate SHIELD being on the offensive for a change. Hale doesn’t want a fight and surrenders so SHIELD can stop Ruby. Daisy actually thinks Ruby could be a good agent with the right training. I suspect Yo-Yo will not be on board with that potential new recruit, Quake.


They’re going to be a little late for that as Ruby already has a Fitz and Simmons working to restore the gravitonium device. Werner Von Strucker is feeling pretty good about helping his bae out and getting a chance to be a bad a$$ for once in his life.

Meanwhile, back at the SHIELD base, Talbot is following Hale’s commands after his brainwashing program kicked in. He’s going to take Robin somewhere and acts way too creepy for Molly not to immediately suspect something. Eventually he knocks Molly out and Robin doesn’t fight him. That’s the problem with someone who can see the future. Like Bran they work with zero emotion. Coulson and Mac manage to get Robin away from Talbot and prevent the brain-rattled Talbot from killing himself to complete his mission. That mission was pretty vague, wasn’t it?

Ruby goes into the restored gravitonium chamber, but she only manages to absorb 8% before she started freaking out just as Hale and Daisy arrive. Werner goes to console her and gets his head collapsed in for his trouble. Agents of SHIELD Season 5 = where true love goes to die. Daisy and Hale take turns calming Ruby down, but Yo-Yo decides to just approach it from the common sense angle.

agents of shield all roads lead review - werner von strucker and ruby

Ruby + gravitonium = Destroyer of Worlds, one who hasn’t fully mastered her powers and is still vulnerable. Yo-Yo makes the most logical play and slices Ruby’s throat. World saved.  Some surge of gravitonium explodes out, but doesn’t seem to shatter the planet so it’s all good. Hale vanished and Daisy is more than a little pissed at Yo-Yo saying she killed Ruby. Yo-Yo corrects her and says she saved the world. Hard to argue with those facts.

Hale re-emerges in the magic chamber with Qovas. She’s happy to give up SHIELD so he can get the gravitonium. She’s got no loyalty to them any longer. So maybe it wasn’t Ruby that was the Destroyer of Worlds?

I love how SHIELD keeps trying, but they can’t prevent this seemingly inevitable future from occurring. All Road Lead… was a nice surprise at this point in the season that should cause some major fallout as we near the season finale. I’m enjoying this home stretch so far and hope it stays on this exciting, but unpredictable path.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC