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DC Comics reviews for 5/29/19 – Heroes in Crisis #9, Doomsday Clock #10

Detective Comics Annual #2

Peter J. Tomasi takes a break from writing Batman’s exploits against The Arkham Knight to take The Dark Knight global in a sharp and enjoyable standalone special.
One of Batman’s oldest enemies is causing trouble in Paris. Hoping to close this cold case, Batman and Alfred try to stop the assassin before their latest hit.
Tomasi really gets Batman and knows how to tell an effective story regardless of the setting. One of the best aspects of this annual is the banter between Bruce and Alfred.
Unlike his younger charges, Bruce seems to enjoy going back and forth with Alfred. Tomasi uses these exchanges to bring some humor to Batman. He’s not a robot so much as a very focused and obsessive individual. Tomasi humanizes his Batman with these moments making the traditional abrasive conversations far more fun.
detective comics annual #2 interior art
Travis Moore and Max Raynor handle the art this issue. Moore is tremendously talented and whether on Nightwing or Batman, he truly delivers some beautiful pages.
The adversary this annual is formidable enough to remain a problem as they struggle to adjust to an issue very familiar with Batman. I’m curious when Tomasi plans to revisit this character again in the main book.

While it’s not connected to the main story, this was a fun standalone and well worth grabbing for Detective Comics readers.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10