Tom King Is…teaming up with Ava DuVernay to write New Gods movie

For all of the detractors of Heroes in Crisis (myself included), Tom King is a really good dude and his take on Mister Miracle was excellent.

For those following his Twitter account and I highly recommend it, King has teased a big meeting in Hollywood that he hoped to share soon. Now we know what it’s about as Ava DuVernay shouted him out on her Twitter revealing that she and King will be teaming up to write the New Gods movie for Warner Bros.

This is a big deal as King brought a very cool spin on the New Gods mythos and DuVernay is one of the more thoughtful creators in Hollywood right now. It didn’t rip up the box office, but check out A Wrinkle In Time for a taste of what DuVernay will bring visually to a New Gods movie.

We keep waiting for DC to get a real game changing film to put it on some level with the Marvel Studios films. Instead of Justice League, maybe it’s the New Gods that launches a big popular franchise?

This really could be a big deal and I’m ecstatic to see what develops.


Here’s what some of King’s pals in the comic industry had to say about the news:

Photo Credit: DC Comics