Agents of SHIELD: Option Two review S5 E19

Agents of SHIELD has always done a great job of working in under-served Marvel Comics villains into the fold. We’ve gotten Mr. Hyde, Absorbing Man and John Garrett. Option Two revealed the show’s latest comic to small screen adaptation with Graviton.

This has been teased for a while now with gravitonium being in play for years, but now we’ve got a character that makes the most sense to play the role of a major Avengers heavy hitter. All it required was a little mind control and a beard.

But first, let’s break down how this all played out.

SHIELD is bickering and second guessing each other for their recent actions. Elena is getting the brunt of it for her call to kill Ruby — a decision I still endorse 100%. Coulson allows them to talk, but then reasserts command. Giving the team some time to get their feelings out was fine and all, but now it’s time for the boss to get the team back in order. Mostly.

May and Daisy are still secretly working to save Coulson while Deke wants to stay in their timeline. This also makes sense as his world features a shattered Earth where he’s living on dingy spaceships. Deke’s not my favorite character, but his decision making is hard to argue against especially his crush on Daisy.

agents of shield option two review - quovas

Qovas has arrived in his big towering spaceship. This isn’t Agents of SHIELD’s fault, but man a giant spaceship popping up would be exactly the kind of thing that Iron Man’s pared down squad of Avengers should be investigating. Vision, War Machine and Tony could handle that, right? I’m confused as to when AOS matches up with the MCU at this point. Pre-Decimation that absolutely would be an Avengers mission although now it would have been fun to see just a few of the regulars get Thanos dusted too.

With the handy SHIELD survival guide’s assistance, Coulson hits the prep for nuclear attack option before learning alien invasion was an option. AOS has done a tremendous job the back half of this season incorporating some well-timed humor. This led to a very funny running joke with Coulson casually brushing off the “technical malfunction,” that could keep the lighthouse locked up for 15 years…ish.

agents of shield option two review - coulson and simmons

While the base is locked up, Mack and Elena can’t avoid each other. Mack thinks her future visions are making Elena crazy while she feels he’s pushing her away. Their relationship drama feels so much more authentic and real than 98% of the Arrowverse shows.

Elena has another reason to be upset after learning Daisy left the base before the lock down to find a way to save Coulson. Elena tells Coulson and May that saving Coulson was what screwed everything up in the future.

Quovos’ attack squad enters and goes on a rampage. Deke barely manages to avoid getting shived by these mercenaries who have the nifty trick of bringing darkness wherever they arrive. Things are not looking well for our Agents of SHIELD until Talbot decides to go into the gravitonium chamber and dose up with the full 100% treatment. Apparently his rattled mind could take the process easier than Ruby.

He emerges from the chamber and crushes the assault squad out of existence. Okayyyyy then. And just like that, AOS has introduced another major super-powered game changer. I like this shift for Talbot, who’s always been treated like a bit of a joke. Giving him powers and a more fractured mindset opens up some interesting possibilities.

agents of shield option two review - the death squad

Daisy meets up with The Candyman (Jake Busey) again and he’s managed to find a possible means of saving Coulson — Garrett’s centipede serum. Only catch is it needs another element. Good thing Daisy knows what it is even if getting it might prove tricky.

Option Two was another rock solid episode for AOS. This show has found its way after a rocky first half and it’s back to being the most satisfying comic book show on TV.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC