Agents of SHIELD The One Who Will Save Us All review S5 E20

Somebody check the air up there as Talbot has let it all go to his head. The One Who Will Save Us All appeared to solve the Confederacy alien invasion problem, but it introduced an entirely new threat. Plus, we got an update on where Agents of SHIELD is in relation to the goings on in the larger MCU. Hard to ask for much more.

Talbot takes Coulson to Quovos’ ship. Coulson has taken notice of how quickly Talbot has assimilated to his new powers noting he went from tutorial to big boss level in no time. Talbot immediately goes on a power trip and jumbles Quovos’ crew and forgetting he’s Graviton and not General Zod. That whole kneeling before me is trademarked Zod, pal.

While Coulson caught up with Hale, Talbot got himself a new outfit that’s a fair approximation of the comic book costume. Talbot’s really feeling himself now and wants a seat at the Confederacy high table. After going back and forth with the Confederacy’s main mouthpiece, Talbot absorbs him. That’s the most effective way to end an argument for sure.

Quovos introduces Talbot to his Kree pal, Cassius, who tells Talbot that Earth is currently under assault by Thanos and his forces! Yes! An Avengers: Infinity War tie-in. To better protect his world, Talbot wants access to all of the planet’s gravitonium. This won’t end well. And in another show of power, Talbot forces Coulson to bend the knee with his powers. It’s better than being burned by a dragon all things considered.

agents of shield - the one who will save us all review - may and daisy

Back at the Lighthouse, Mack neutralizes one last warlord for interrogation. Mack questions Fitz on his weak apology for Elena killing Ruby. Mack rightfully wants to know when killing became the only answer as he holds to a simple truth of following The Good Word and doing what’s right. Elena going rogue and killing the psychopath Ruby wasn’t the worst decision, but Mack is right in saying SHIELD should try and find the high road instead of acting like Hydra.

Between Talbot’s dialogue where he sounds like a FOX News talking head and Mack freely mentioning God, AOS feels like a surprisingly diverse show these days. We don’t necessarily hear these viewpoints on many TV shows these days.

Elena wants to know what’s in Daisy’s bag and the big blow up that’s been teased for a few weeks comes to a head as we’ve got Yo-Yo vs Quake! This was a fun, albeit way too brief, clash of super-powered opponents. May steps in to break it up, but makes her allegiance clear when she says they’re going to find Coulson and Elena can either find a way to pitch in or leave.


Deke find Daisy in her room still annoyed/upset about fighting Yo-Yo. The mystery contents in the bag where her mom’s bones. That’s the missing element that can potentially save Coulson. That’s dark. Daisy is also irritated with the random lemons placed on her bed. These random moments that clown Deke have been some of my favorite moments the last few episodes.

Just when Deke got ready to profess his love for her, Daisy mentions Luke and how he died saving them and how she’s still kinda in love with him. That’s why she’s so focused on saving Coulson as she can’t lose anyone else close to her. Having to save some face and offer up something of significance, Deke drops the FitzSimmons are his grandparents bombshell. It worked well enough. I can’t believe I’m feeling bad for Deke now.

Mack and Fitz’s alterations worked and the Zephyr makes its maiden voyage to space. AOS Strike Team Supreme May and Melinda break into Quovos’ ship to retrieve Coulson. Talbot doesn’t take too kindly to this usurping of his authority. Hale tries to calm him down, but makes the fatal mistake of trying to trigger the Hydra mind-control. Talbot resists that with no trouble and promptly deletes her. Then for an encore, he takes Daisy’s best shot and knocks her out. May is smart enough to recognize a losing hand and surrenders.

agents of shield - the one who will save us all review - talbot in graviton costume

Back at the lab, Fitz Simmons has completed extracting the DNA from Daisy’s mom’s bones. Operation Save Coulson is still underway, but Operation Take Down Talbot might need to get started ASAP

The One Who Will Save Us All kept AOS’ hot streak rolling. This show knows how to close a season as you never find a weak episode as we near the season finale. With only two more episodes left there’s plenty of opportunities for some craziness to happen.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC