Take a look at the packaged Marvel Legends X-Force BAF Wendigo wave

Hasbro revealed the full wave for its Marvel Legends Build a Figure Wendigo wave with packaged pics.

The dedicated X-Force members are a mixed bag.

Boom Boom looks perfect. I’m not sure Hasbro could have done a better job on her figure. Like Jubilee she comes with a nice array of display options.

marvel legends x-Force BAF Wendigo Boom boomPre-order Marvel Legends X-Force Boom-Boom here.

Cannonball might be the most divisive figure all year. Yes, he looks good for the blasting position, but the lack of legs is a bizarre and puzzling choice.

marvel legends x-Force BAF Wendigo CannonballPre-order Marvel Legends X-Force Cannonball here.

Looking at Nightcrawler and it’s nice to see Hasbro accounted for all possible facial expressions here as opposed to the one they went with for Beast.

marvel legends x-Force BAF Wendigo NightcrawlerPre-order Marvel Legends X-Force wave Nighcrawler here.

Guardian looks great. I really hope we get more Alpha Flight members this year to join him and Sasquatch.

marvel legends x-Force BAF Wendigo GuardianPre-order Marvel Legends X-Force wave Guardian here.

X-Force Wolverine looks good. That’s one team I don’t have to have completed over some others right now, but he’ll look good with Deadpool and X-23.

marvel legends x-Force BAF Wendigo wolverinePre-order Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine here.

Hasbro looks to have toned down the black on Mr. Sinister making this a significant upgrade over the Toy Biz version now.

marvel legends x-Force BAF Wendigo Mr. sinisterPre-order Marvel Legends X-Force Mr. Sinister here.

And here’s the big guy himself. What do you think?

marvel legends x-Force BAF Wendigo You can pre-order the set now at EntertainmentEarth.com

Photo Credit: Hasbro