DC Comics reviews for 6/5/19 – Justice League #25, Batman #72

Batman #72

batman #72


It takes more than one read to fully get this latest issue of Batman. It’s Tom King’s ode to Bane’s assault on Batman in Knightfall with Thomas Wayne playing the observing narrator. Like some readers, I find myself waiting for King to ditch the unique style of storytelling and just deliver a straight up no-holds barred battle between Bane and Batman. The biggest problem with this issue is the complete lack of suspense since King and DC have been on the hype train promoting the City of Bane event.

We know Batman won’t win this conflict and his defeat is inevitable. Thomas Wayne’s role in this issue is somewhat puzzling as he reflects on Bane’s journey to beating Batman on multiple fronts. Clearly King has had this plan in motion for years, but reading Thomas connect all the dots still made some storylines seem like a stretch. Did Bane really count on Batman falling for Catwoman after the I Am Suicide arc? It’s not like their love is some huge secret or something new. It’s like a criminal mastermind decided arranging a plan to force Green Arrow and Black Canary to fall in love was the masterstroke in defeating them. That love is pretty much a given so it’s hard to see what Bane accomplished exactly.

Still, this issue starts tying in the greater overall thread of King’s arc to show it’s all connected. Maybe it’s not perfect, but the effort is appreciated.

Jorge Fornes and Mikel Janin team up on the art again with Fornes handling the Batman/Bane fight while Janin tackles the splash page flashback sequences. King plays to both artists’ specialty as Janin is so good with those snapshot signature scenes. Fornes is very adept at fight choreography and staging action sequences. Jordie Bellaire’s colors are so important here in distinguishing the past from the present and capturing the mood of the various flashbacks. Bellaire has really been the unsung hero of King’s run.

While there were some uneven elements, but this was a strong read and one of the best King has done in months. I’m excited about reading Batman again just as King closes in on his final major arc.

Rating: 9 out of 10