DC Comics reviews for 6/5/19 – Justice League #25, Batman #72

Shazam #8

shazam #8

Geoff Johns takes Shazam into a very unexpected direction with this issue. Black Adam battles Dr. Sivana, Billy’s father returns and a big secret is revealed. It’s a packed issue that teases some major changes to the status quo.

I love that Johns isn’t content to go the expected route with the story and is throwing out a number of intriguing subplots at once. Hopefully the announced delays don’t derail too much of the book’s momentum as there’s so many exciting directions it can take. The only downside is that doesn’t allow for much progression of all the characters. Freddie and Darla don’t even show up this issue, which is a bummer as I’ve really enjoyed their exploits in the Wildlands.

Once again this issue features a collaboration of artists with Marco Santucci, Dale Eaglesham and Scott Kolins teaming up. Santucci and Eaglesham’s art is similar enough that the switch isn’t as noticeable, but Kolins’ art seems out of place as it has more of an animated style. The artists stick to certain groups of characters, which helps create a smart line of distinction, but I almost wonder if Johns wouldn’t be better served letting each artist tackle one issue instead of divvying up 22 pages.

Each issue of Shazam continues to show how much fun these characters and the greater Shazam universe is and is finally providing a welcome spotlight on one of DC’s best assets.

Rating: 9 out of 10