Agents of SHIELD – The Force of Gravity review S5 E21

Looking back I was probably too hard on the first half of this season. So many of my issues were I didn’t see the big picture, but with Agents of SHIELD facing an inevitable truth in the penultimate episode of Season 5 once again it’s obvious that it’s connected. And that means I’m thisclose from actually catching up to this current season! Let’s see how The Force of Gravity played out.

The team is split off from each other as has been the case for most of this season. Daisy meets with the Kree outcast Taryan, the father of the guys who gave SHIELD such problems earlier this season. Taryan wants Daisy to be his disciple, but Daisy is perfectly fine being her own woman and breaks Taryan’s mental hold. AOS went a little too Daisy heavy in its first few seasons, but pulling back and giving the other team members time to shine has made her one of my favorite super-powered characters on TV. It’s always fun watching Daisy cut loose with her powers too as she wrecks Taryan’s ship.

Back at the Zephyr, Talbot has big plans on how he can gain more power and takes the Quinjet down to Earth just using his powers. Annoyingly, Agent Kim — the one Asian dude on the show — had to get killed. Kim wasn’t around long, but I liked a character who hadn’t seen everything and was over it like some of the others.

agents of shield - the force of gravity review - graviton and quovas

Deke manages to find and rescue Coulson and May. He’s still very goofy, but the writers are making Deke likable and most of his humor actually works. That’s not always the case with the comedic characters so this is a welcome change. Quovas’ expected some funny business from SHIELD and has his battalion set to unleash a payload of missiles at Earth if they try anything.

May has other plans to redirect the missiles in a play out of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier playbook. But first, she and Coulson argue about who’s staying to make sure that plan works. Coulson kisses her, which shocks Daisy. This was a great character moment and one you can’t do without years of development.  Coulson took a small cut, but blows it off while he and Daisy return to the Zephyr as May gets to beat down Quovas.

On Earth, Talbot reconnects with Creel, who’s still laid up in a hospital after his encounter with Gravitonium. I see where this is going, but still didn’t like when Talbot absorbed the Absorbing Man. Creel had always been loyal to Talbot. Killing off one of his most loyal allies didn’t make Talbot more intimidating or ruthless — he’d already killed Hale for that — and it just felt like a shock value death. Of course, Creel might be one of the few able to survive this encounter. Mack and Elena watch the surveillance video and Mack is bummed out Creel got taken out in such a cruel manner.

Next up on the Talbot Tour is going home. He explains to his son that he’s one of the good guys, but yoking up his wife doesn’t support his claims at all. Mack and Elena arrive in time to stop Mrs. Talbot from getting wiped out. Not that they can do a whole lot but watch on in terror. Little Georgie makes the biggest difference as he tells Talbot he’s not a hero like the Avengers. Meanwhile, the news is reporting of destruction and panic in New York. I will continue assuming this is the wake of the Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Wong and Iron Man battle against the Black Order until told otherwise.

agents of shield - the force of gravity review - coulson and may

Talbot leaves, but only so he can grab Robin to show him where he ascends.

I love how we’re back to Fitz and Simmons as more of the scientific brains of the team. That was an element the show had kinda gotten away from as they became more central to the action. Fitz thinks the way to preventing the future prophecy is by making sure they cure Coulson instead of just trying to save him. And they’ve figured out a way to stop Talbot by using the centipede serum to deliver the odium straight to Talbot’s cells. Score one for the big brains!

And now for the rub. Coulson’s cut is worse than he thought and by the time Daisy gets back to the Lighthouse, he’s dying. The centipede serum can save Coulson or stop Talbot, but there’s only enough for one use. That’s a tremendous cliffhanger.

The Force of Gravity was a terrific episode with some stellar character beats as SHIELD faces its toughest decision yet.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC