Agents of SHIELD – The End review S5 E22

Why of course that’s just allergies. Implying Agents of SHIELD’s season finale has my eyes watering up would be madness. Absolute madness. Cough. The End was another fine bit of 44 minutes from AOS as a slightly rocky first half the season was redeemed culminating in maybe the series’ strongest season finales. If anything this seemed like a fitting conclusion to the series. After Season 4 and this one, I’m just a little worried AOS won’t be able to keep this quality going.

It kicked off with an amazing opening act where the core SHIELD team debated the best use of the centipede serum. Fitz and Simmons seemed to side with Elena, who wanted to use it to stop Talbot while Daisy and May wanted to save Coulson. Mack was undecided, but he calmed the situation enough to call for a vote. May wasn’t feeling especially democratic and shattered the odium, which would be used to stop Talbot. Then saving Coulson is the way we’re going now.

All of the performances here were great, but Natalia Cordova-Buckley was incredible. She’s quietly become one of the show’s best performers.

The team might regret not dealing with Talbot as he learns another batch of gravitonium is in Chicago and promptly launches a precision invasion. Maybe the special effects of his ship landing in the Chicago skyscape was a little rough, but there’s no need to dwell on it.

Elena checks on Coulson and to explain her actions, but he says he would have agreed with her call. Deke meanwhile is helping to get The Lighthouse in order, but planning to take in whatever’s left of his time on Earth sightseeing instead of fawning over Daisy. He’s not so good on reading the body language as this time Daisy seemed sad about him leaving more than saying bye to a buddy.

agents of shield the end review - simmons

As the rest of the team gets ready to take on Talbot, Simmons and May break down what’s at stake for Coulson as they’re letting him choose to use the serum. I see where this is going, but it was surprising that after all that trouble they’d leave it up to Coulson.

Talbot is creating his own Chi-Town Rumble and while the destruction isn’t on the level as the Marvel Studios films this is very strong for a series. Daisy makes her final decision as leader and nominates Mack as the new leader as he’s their moral center and the general they can rally behind. It’s unanimous right down to a returning Coulson.

Mack sends most of the team to rescue people in danger while Daisy and Coulson go to try and stop Talbot. Mack, Fitz and May start evacuating a building and find Robin. Polly is still in the holding cell so Mack goes to rescue her. Fitz recalls all of the visions of the future and realizes that neither Polly and Mack are supposed to survive. Mack frees Polly just in time for Quovas’ soldiers to head them off. It’s not looking good until May and Fitz arrive.


Coulson drops the bombshell on Daisy that he didn’t take the serum, but assures her he’s given Daisy all the tools she needs to handle Talbot. Good timing on that speech as Coulson barely has much energy left.

Daisy tries to talk some sense into Talbot, but he’s too far gone. He takes her into the sky and crashes down creating a major impact. The fallout stirs up debris in the building Mack and the others were in prompting a mini cave-in that surrounds Fitz.

On the surface, Talbot is preparing his final absorption, but Daisy spots the centipede serum syringe Coulson stuck in her gauntlet. Daisy injects herself, which supercharges her powers and healing ability allowing her to send Talbot into space with a sonic boom. Looks like Talbot got the same treatment as Ebony Maw.

Mack frees Fitz from the rubble, but he was impaled? Wait, Fitz is dying??? That wasn’t part of the plan man! Well, this just got super emotional. And if you didn’t get a lump in your throat from Elizabeth Henstridge’s fantastic work as Simmons learned of Fitz’s death you’re dead inside.

agents of shield the end review - may and coulson

And that’s even before the farewell to Coulson. He’s going to live his last few days/weeks in retirement. There’s some nice farewells here and Coulson is sure Simmons will find Fitz from his time travel exploits back when Hunter helped him find the others. OK…that’s a bit of a cop-out, but that’s fine. For Coulson though there is no coming back and he kicks off his vacay bucket list in Tahiti with May. That’s a nice full circle moment for Coulson while giving him the happy ending he deserved. Who needs a cellist when you’ve got Melinda May?

The End was a terrific season finale for Agents of SHIELD. It easily would have been a fitting series finale. It’ll be interesting to see how the show moves forward with Mack as the new director, the quest for Fitz and the fallout of Coulson’s death. And since I’m so far behind, I don’t have to wait any time and can just cue up the DVR and get to Season 6 now. With that said, I’m outta here.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC