Prodigy #6 review

There was ever really only one way for Prodigy to end. Based on everything writer Mark Millar set up in the previous five issues the payoff was one I’d been waiting on ever since last issue’s cliffhanger. Instead of getting too cute or illogical to avoid being predictable, Millar delivered exactly the conclusion I wanted to see making for one of the more satisfying conclusions to a limited series I’ve read in years.

Sometimes the hardest thing for a writer to do is making good on the logical ending and when writing about the smartest man in the world, it’s wise to just do the sensible thing.

Edison learns the full extent of the conspiracy against Earth and how this group has deep ties to his formative years while his turncoat ally gloats at tricking him into aiding their cause.

This was one of those cases where I read each panel with an ever increasing grin on my face as I fully appreciated how Millar was setting things up. In a lot of ways this felt like reading a comic book version of Sherlock Holmes where the villain thinks they’ve outsmarted Holmes only to realize how badly they’d underestimated the world’s greatest detective.

Millar gives Prodigy fans that thrilling and highly fulfilling payoff, but it wouldn’t be nearly as memorable without the stellar art from Rafael Albuquerque and colorist Marcelo Maiolo. There’s some big, sprawling scenes this issue and Albuquerque knocks them out with all of the proper spectacle and magnitude it deserves.


From the first issue I thought Millar had something special with this series and he didn’t disappoint. I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long to revisit this character as there’s so many possible directions to take Edison and this book. I’ve got a good feeling this would make for one of the more popular Millarworld series if Netflix decides to adapt this title. It’s the kind of logical move that Edison Crane would certainly consider the wisest course of action.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics