Agents of SHIELD – Window of Opportunity review S6 E2

It’s *possible* I might have been a little too hasty complaining about the new direction for Agents of SHIELD specifically regarding Sarge and his crew. Window of Opportunity made for a much better showcase of the Season 6 antagonists who actually look to have a nice bit of potential. The trick will be if they can maintain that throughout the season.

Sarge’s Fab 4 rob convenience store and vanish. I’m still very confused as to why this crew is running around in a semi for anything beyond budgetary reasons. A truck doesn’t need as much CGI as a ship, I suppose. They’re gathering random Earth materials for some clearly not good purpose and SHIELD remains a step behind.

Mack has to rally the troops after Fox’s death while keeping the matter of the Coulson alien lookalike on the hush…for now. May suggests Mack check in on Keller as he was the one who brought Fox onto the team, but Mack blows it off saying someone else is comforting Keller. He already knows about Elena and Keller, which is so much better than some lame soap opera style reveal. And it makes Mack not look like an idiot for being blind to their obvious flirtation.

Benson finds out and makes the logical conclusion that Sarge is an LMD, but after going through some of the fingerprints and DNA evidence, he concludes Sarge is a perfect match of Coulson. Well, that’s interesting.


Sarge runs a tight crew, but he tells Jaco to be weary of Pax as he’s starting to sound like Tinker…the fifth man in their crew who mysteriously got stuck in the portal. Maybe that wasn’t entirely accidental? Pax does have a bit of Starscream in him, but the homicidal Snowflake might be a bigger concern as she’s a wildcard that wants to kill everyone they encounter.

agents of shield window of opportunity - jocko and snowflake

They tab a jeweler as their latest supply raid spot and try out another portal — one they create with a device and a spray paint of sorts. This time SHIELD is onto them as May works out the secret of the portal and arrives in the vault. This leads to a great fight scene with May vs. Sarge’s crew.

I vividly remember watching The Single Guy in 1995, which was a fun, if short-lived Friends follow-up. Ming-Na Wen was one of the main stars on the show and she does not look like she’s aged a day. Seriously, it’s impressive. Anyway, May kicks major tail here in and out of the portals making for one of the best AOS close-quarter fights in a long time.

agents of shield window of opportunity - keller

Sarge arrives and dumps May back in the vault before she can get any answers. It’s a great tease of May and Sarge having real interaction and the writers are smartly delaying that as long as possible.

Benson drops the real bombshell on Mack that Sarge’s crew destroyed wherever they came from making stopping them a major priority. I like the immediate sense of stakes.

Besides SHIELD responding to Sarge’s crew, the other big subplot focused on Fitz dealing with life in space. Fitz was working as a repairman on a ship trying and failing to keep his human identity a secret. With his cover blown, Fitz has to make good with the captain and impress him enough to avoid getting blown out the air shaft.


It is very silly that all of the aliens manage to speak English. Fitz is a little too convincing and the captain decides he doesn’t need the rest of his workforce. With Enoch’s help, Fitz sets up a Superman II/Avengers: Infinity War trap that sends the captain and his loyalists to space while the rest of the crew is spared.

Now feeling on the hook for their safety, Fitz changes plans to get them to a safe haven instead of going back to cryo freeze to wait on Gemma. As they speed off, Gemma and her SHIELD crew warp in. Simmons is feeling pretty confident Fitz is here. Did they get a psychic connection when I wasn’t paying attention?

This is the eternal saga of FitzSimmons. They’re always chasing after each other or trying to fix the other. It feels like they’ve been apart more often then they’re together and I’m starting to feel somewhat over it. Maybe a break would have done them good? Imagine if Will stuck around for a season or two as a real romantic rival to Fitz and he didn’t immediately become Hive’s pawn?

Even with the space backdrop, I’m wondering what fresh angle they can give this year’s FitzSimmons’ romance drama some new life.

Window of Opportunity was a nice follow-up to the season premiere and has me a lot more excited about the new big bad for this year.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC