Fear the Walking Dead: Here to Help review S5 E1

At this stage in Fear the Walking Dead, it’s becoming clear that no good comes for ever bothering to help someone else out. That’s a pretty cynical take, but a lot of what happened on the back end of last season revolved around characters trying to be decent in an indecent time, which frequently put themselves and their friends in serious jeopardy. But in this walker infested world shouldn’t more people think about their fellow survivors and try and help others out? The problem with FTWD is the characters who have this kind-hearted approach almost always get burned so they look stupid for continuing to try.

Ideally, the main characters should lean more on the side of being heroic, but not to the point of coming across like idiots. It’s going to be a tricky road for the FTWD writers with Morgan’s Redemption Quest Take 29.

The gang — minus Strand, Wendell, Sarah and Charlie — took a plane to help a guy they’ve been in contact with on the radio named Logan. Despite no one on the crew having much experience with airline equipment checks, they headed out to save the day for Logan’s crew. Maybe not so surprisingly, this ends bad as one of the plane’s engines goes out and Althea has to make a crash landing.

Everyone’s got some measure of scrapes and cool new scars save Luciana, who got impaled around her shoulder. Fortunately this was right around two small boys Dylan and Max who were hunting. While they’re not much use in a fight, Dylan helpfully aids June in tending to Luciana.

fear-the-walking-dead-season-5-here-to-help-review - althea, john, morgan and alicia

Besides, Morgan and Alicia have a perfect strategy for defending slow moving walkers by setting up a makeshift tripwire that sends the walkers tumbling. It’s a pretty ingenious plan and one someone should have cooked up awhile ago since it’s so easy to set up.

Still, there’s plenty of walkers left to kill and Alicia notices a disturbing sign warning this is a high radiation area. Not good. They get a minor miracle with someone capable of helping — Dylan and Max’s sister, Annie, who rolls up in a summer camp van capable of transporting all of them.

Althea managed to get a message out before they left and Strand and the others are preparing their own rescue mission. But first, they’ve got to find Al’s tape labeled Skidmark as it contains the guy with a plane who will help them.


Annie isn’t too keen on this plan to aid Logan, especially after driving up to a roadblock of four walkers with walker heads in the trees. Hardly the warmest welcome. Morgan runs his spiel and it’s enough to convince Annie to take them to Logan’s shelter at a truck stop. You’d think they’d learn their lessons with those…

But it turns out Annie is smarter than the adults. After a quick reconnaissance of the truck stop and no Logan, Annie and her brothers bail. Can’t blame them since they were doing just fine on their own.

fear-the-walking-dead-season-5-here-to-help-review - althea

Annie had better instincts as Logan (Matt Frewer) pops up at the denim factory and let’s Morgan know he’s taken back the site since he owns the deed. OK fine, the warehouse is a nice piece of property, but it’s not like real estate is that hard to come by that it’s worth fighting over. And this crew — well the first crew in the series — featured two of the best shelters in a boat and a hotel and they lost them so it’s not like they ever need to get attached to one site anyway. Still, Charlie has a plan for how to get back control of the factory. Strand smartly opts to getting the others first.

Alicia is ticked off that they got played and Luciana almost died for it. She is 100% right and Morgan’s weak rationale of continuing to help strangers to was the red out of his ledger is hardly good enough.

Althea is a vagabond and doesn’t care about losing turf. She’s more focused on the story of the crash site and these radiation signs. I get that Althea is a journalist, but who is getting these award winning stories she’s crafting again? Her character seems even less practical than Morgan when it comes to making smart decisions.

Naturally, Al goes off and heads back to the crash site. She’s found something with some nuclear symbols, but before she can report back to Morgan something knocks her out with a taser.

fear-the-walking-dead-season-5-here-to-help-review - strand

Meanwhile, Strand has found the Skidmark tape, which features an interview with an apparently still not dead Salazar. Now this is interesting…

Here to Help kicks this season off on a slightly frustrating note as the crew has to make some boneheaded decisions to set up a new set of agendas. I’m also not thrilled with the immediate decision to start splitting the group off so soon. If there’s too many characters, we can always kill some off (besides John & June, Morgan, Luciana, Strand and Alicia).

I’m dangerously close to catching up to Fear the Walking Dead this season. Let’s see how productive I can be this week with no screenings to attend.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC