Hit-Girl Season Two #5 review

I really love the current format of Hit-Girl and think more comics would benefit from its approach. A team of creators tackles an arc that sends Hit-Girl anywhere around the world. When that arc is done, Mindy is handed off to a new team of creators who bring their own sensibilities and style to a character that works extremely well with this Round Robin storytelling. Hit-Girl Hong Kong is the latest stop on Mindy’s world tour and if the first issue is any indication, it’s going to be another thrilling road trip.

Hit-Girl Hong Kong is the four-part collaboration of writer Daniel Way, artist Goran Parlov, colorist Giada Marchisio and letterer Clem Robins.

You’d think the rinse, wash, repeat dynamic of Hit-Girl killing terrible people would get old, but the creative team shift keeps it from feeling even remotely repetitive. Mindy is in Hong Kong to take down the warlord Boss Liu, who’s made headlines with his vicious strikes against those who stand up against him. Mindy isn’t worried about standing up to the bully, but gets more than she bargains for upon invading Liu’s fortress.


Way dials down Mindy’s language giving her more of a strategic approach and less a teenager cussing with no adult supervision. I like this take as Mindy can quickly veer into caricature territory if a writer gets too indulgent with her dialogue. Mindy’s violent streak is intact, but there’s no point writing a Hit-Girl story if she suddenly becomes a pacifist. That’s also going to come in handy when dealing with Liu’s army.

I really dug Parlov’s style. It’s very different from previous Hit-Girl artists, which is exactly the point of the constant creative shakeup. The last series Hit-Girl Hollywood featured the animated influenced art of Pernille Ørum. Parlov has more of a grounded, style that’s far rougher and not so cheery. It’s an ideal contrast for regular Hit-Girl readers who can appreciate what the various artists bring to the title.

Parlov frames the action nicely while making sure Mindy doesn’t just look like a smaller adult thanks to some very emotive expressions. Marchisio’s colors are well thought out as Mindy is frequently cast in purple shades in and out of costume.

Hit-Girl Hong Kong kicks off the new arc in exactly the kind of unpredictable, action-packed manner fans of the franchise have come to expect. This new creative team seems inspired to crank out one of the more memorable stories we’ve seen and there’s a ton of potential and reasons to be optimistic it will deliver.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics