Agents of SHIELD – Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson review S6 E3

Agents of SHIELD has never been a show that’s leaned too hard on comedy, which is why the rare episode like Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson with its decided lighthearted approach can work so well.

After a murderous Coulson look-a-like running around we could stand to have a few laughs, right?

Fitz and Enoch get their ship stolen after landing in Kitson. The thieves aren’t totally bad guys though and give them a chip to use at the House of Games casino. And as long as Enoch can hide the fact that he’s partially a computer, everything will be just fine.

Meanwhile, Daisy and crew are hot on their trail and have arrived in the Kitson outer limits. But first they’ve got to deal with an inspection and tangle with The Hunter, a bounty hunter that’s searching for Fitz. As cool as Hunter’s weapons might be, he can’t take out all four SHIELD agents.

agents of shield - fear and loathing on the planet of kitson review - the hunter

The inspector warns them that Fitz is likely on Kitson, but what happens on Kitson doesn’t stay there as it burns and is contagious. Probably not the best marketing slogan.

Enoch gets suckered in a card game and loses all their hard earned winnings. The problem with having a Rain Man gamer is he can still get played. With their options low, Enoch mentions they could make money at the brothel since he knows hundreds of pleasure techniques. Neither Fitz or I needed to hear that at all. Brothels are not a option Enoch!

Daisy, Gemma and Davis are closing in and find the guys who stole Fitz’s ship. They’re set for the House of Games, but Davis gets hungry and offers them the same puffs Enoch stopped Fitz from eating. While they might be tasty they also lead to a massive trip session for the agents.

agents of shield - fear and loathing on the planet of kitson review - daisy and gemma

It was pretty funny watching serious Gemma and Daisy goofing off and enjoying their impromptu ladies night while Davis could barely see straight on the Zephyr. Poor Piper had to play babysitter to make sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. Of course when she left to warn Daisy and Gemma, The Hunter escaped and knocked him out.

Eventually, Fitz and Enoch enter a high stakes game where the loser loses their life while Daisy drunkenly fights off more hunters. This made for a hilarious take on the normal polished Daisy fight scenes.


Gemma has a pep talk with the security guard (Bubba Ganter), before Enoch and Fitz crash through. After just three episodes it’s crazy they’re reunited already. Oh, no wait, Hunter pops in and grabs Fitz before we can get the full reunion. Yeah, it was a little early to bring them back together.


In the stinger scene, Sarge and Jocko unleash a device that looks very much like the planet killer device they used in that previous video. That’s not gonna be good for anyone.

Fortunately that wasn’t the case with Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson, a thoroughly enjoyable episode that was played for a lot of laughs. This early in the season is exactly the right time for this kind of episode.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC