DC Comics reviews for 6/19/19 – Superman Year One #1

Batman #73

batman #43

Ever wanted to watch Thomas Wayne battle ninjas in the desert while singing Home on the Range? You’re in luck as Tom King has got you covered.

After the last two issues made some genuine progression to the City of Bane event, King slams on the break with another momentum challenging issue.

It’s the randomness of Thomas Wayne suddenly breaking out into song, Bruce Wayne being unconscious for half the issue and the feeling by the time it’s over that this story could have been told in half the time. King has an end point in mind, but it’s harder to blindly trust that payoff will be worth this winding and at times frustratingly paced journey.

Thomas has a plan that’s brought them both to the path of one of Batman’s greatest foes. It’s an interesting idea, but I’m leery of the prose King will reference and the pacing to get to this destination.

Mikel Janin handles all the art this issue after splitting the last two with Jorge Fornes. I’m always down for more Janin art and his pages didn’t disappoint. Jordie Bellaire’s stunning color work on Batman remain unrivaled.

Batman #73 slows the book back to a near stop as King meticulously sets up the last big arc before City of Bane. If only the rest of the issue made that prospect more exciting.

Rating: 6 out of 10