Agents of SHIELD – Code Yellow review S6 E4

Agents of SHIELD is getting it done this season adding a surprising amount of humor to its regular mix of big time action. So far this is looking like it could challenge Season 4 as my favorite. It’s early still, but this season is showing a lot of potential.

There’s a confidence in this year’s storyline and the willingness to have more fun with the storytelling that’s paying off.

We kick off with Deke, who’s in the middle of an action showcase. Clearly this is some dream or video game as Deke has never been this cool. If him surviving a shootout wasn’t enough of a tip-off, the smoking hot Daisy waiting behind the door was a dead giveaway. Deke is pulling a Biff Tannen and using his knowledge of the future and experience with SHIELD to set himself up as this major software designer complete with a think tank, ridiculously gaudy workspace and a sexy new influencer girl Sequoia.

agents of shield code yellow review - vr daisy

Deke Shaw is having his moment. Man, I’m loving SHIELD right now.

Keller tried to be patient, but he didn’t want to be dishonest and goes to Mack to tell him that he’s dating Elena. Mack cuts him off using SHIELD protocol as an excuse when it’s clear to Keller and me he’s still got some serious feelings for Yo-Yo. I want to hate Keller, but he’s a good dude.

SHIELD is closing in on Sarge and got a report about the device he triggered last week that apparently made a grid or a map. Now the only question what are they trying to find? Sarge’s crew finds what appears to be an alien and Coulson kills it with a dagger that unleashes various protrusions.


Next on the hit list? Deke Shaw himself. Sarge plays it cool though as he’s trying to gain intel on Coulson and SHIELD, but Deke eventually picks up Sarge is a fraud and runs out. While staying hidden, Deke gets grabbed by his goofy work buddy who’s actually undercover SHIELD Agent Khan (Shainu Bala). Nice touch.

Mack, May and Khan lead a team to try and stop Sarge’s crew while Deke gets left behind on the Quinjet. Deke was largely insufferable the first half of last season, but Jeff Ward has found the right balance of goofiness to make him funny and far more likeable.

agents of shield code yellow review - sarge, joco and pax

Deke has to run in to save a clueless Sequoia from getting killed, but needs Mack’s help to stop Pax. Deke does manage to come up with a clever way to stop Jaco by throwing him into Deke’s fantasy Framework world. Mack’s look of shock and disgust has already made the season for me and Deke’s line of offering two percent of the entire company if he never mentions it again is going in my Top 10 favorites AOS moments.

Once again we get another great May fight as this time she has a fun throw down with Snowflake, which ends with Sarge making the save. They take May and Sarge wants some answers. Next episode’s teaser suggests this might not play out the way I suspect.

Back at the Lighthouse, Benson does an autopsy on the alien and speculates Sarge put a self destructive parasite in him. Before he can complete the investigation, a bird like creature flies out of the body cavity and flies off. My one gripe this episode is pretty consistent with the MCU’s handling of speedsters. There’s no way Yo-Yo shouldn’t have been able to catch it.

agents of shield code yellow review - the parasite

Of course if she had we wouldn’t have gotten two awesome Alien homages. First with Yo-Yo in the vent a la Dallas and then the next when the bird flies into Keller’s throat. Oh man, he’s gonna get Kane’d, isn’t he? Benson and May give it a good try, but the parasite starts taking over Keller and Yo-Yo runs off to get Sarge’s dagger to put Keller out of his misery. This was an incredibly dark turn in an otherwise lighthearted and funny episode. We hardly knew ya Keller.

The stinger returns to the lighter side with Sequoia vlogging her day, the attack at Deke’s office and her abrupt newfound interest in Agent Khan. Seriously, this episode had a little bit of everything awesome.

agents of shield code yellow review - brooke williams as snowflake

Code Yellow was another great episode for this early season of Agents of SHIELD. Everything is coming together nicely and the surprises — RIP Keller — are keeping things from getting remotely predictable.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC

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