Skybound Entertainment reveals its SDCC 2019 exclusive Super Dinosaur figure pack

I love the build up to Comic Con as so many companies start showing off their exclusive SDCC figures. Today, we get a look at the Super Dinosaur figure pack from Skybound Entertainment.

The set is comprised of Derek Dynamo and his best friend, who just so happens to be a T-Rex named Super Dinosaur. The pair are the main characters in The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard’s children’s comic book series.

At a very limited run of $500, this set won’t be around long.

Each product has a holo-foil sticker on the product that lists the number in the series 1-500. The pack costs $50 and will be available at Skybound’s booth #1915. The figures were created by Spin Master, who produced the SUPER DINOSAUR children’s animated series alongside Skybound.

SuperDino 2


SuperDino 1
Photo Credit: Skybound Entertainment