Agents of SHIELD – Inescapable review S6 E6

With every episode I’m feeling like this could be the best season of Agents of SHIELD yet. Inescapable continued the season trend of another unexpected episode that takes several unpredictable directions leading to a terrific installment. If this is SHIELD on life support more comic book shows need to take this path.

This episode was was one of the season’s strongest so far with the focus on the series’ heart, FitzSimmons. We’ve seen Fitz and Simmons go through dimensions, virtual realities and even death, but they always come out of it better than ever. Inescapable had them confront all those issues and the truths they’ve hidden even from each other.

We can’t get this kind of character focused episode without a significant investment in the characters and Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge did some of their best work here reminding us why FitzSimmons are so special.

agents of shield inescapable review - young fitzsimmons

Initially, it appeared they’d finally gotten their happy reunion, but it was a complex prison set by Altarah to avoid the legwork of them building a monolith while just scanning their minds. This was a bad idea as FitzSimmons have all kinds of issues to sort through.

One of the more interesting aspects was Fitz learning he’d been killed in action along with the bombshell that he and Simmons had gotten married. Wait til he hears about Deke… But when it couldn’t get any harder, he learns Coulson died. This was a very strong scene and it was nice to see this exchange we didn’t see in the season finale. That’s a lot to take in and Fitz didn’t even learn about his time as an alien bounty hunter that rescued the gang from the Kree.


To distract him from the truth, Jemma throws a temper tantrum and becomes a child. Again, it’s hard not to appreciate the nods to SHIELD continuity with young Jemma wanting to study cuddle fish (referenced earlier by Klaue in Avengers: Age of Ultron) and asking Fitz to read a story from the Darkhold book.

I also loved the look back at Young FitzSimmons at the SHIELD academy and their recruitment into Coulson’s field team. Framework Leopold’s return was a fun surprise as was Simmons’ nightmare Samara. It was telling that Mack and Daisy were the friends they envisioned to help them. I know this was a FitzSimmons-focus, but I was kinda hoping for a Ward cameo when they entered that containment pod.

The FitzSimmons argument was great as Simmons got in a nice jab about Fitz creating a robotic girlfriend after he talked about Will. Fitz had a strong retort saying Simmons’ version of the Framework would look like Night of the Living Dead after seeing Samara. After they make up and get ready to face their nightmares, they find Samara and Leopold making out in the most bizarre, but hilarious moment of the episode(season? series).

agents of shield inescapable review - simmons and fitz

Good thing they hashed everything out as Enoch got tired of trying to talk some sense into his fellow Chronocrons and killed them. He teleports them somewhere and it doesn’t matter as it’s bound to be another highly entertaining adventure.

Back at the Lighthouse, Mack and Daisy talk about FitzSimmons. He’s not worried and is relieved his pal is still alive. For now, he’s got to get the rest of SHIELD ready for the onslaught of the invasion. Yep, next Friday can’t get here fast enough.

Inescapable was a very enjoyable episode as SHIELD keeps delivering on one of its strongest seasons yet.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC