WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review – Build a Howard Finkle wave

Vince McMahon has done a lot of questionable things, but trying to monetize the Iraq war might still top the list. Getting patriot Sgt. Slaughter to play the role of a traitor might have lacked in good taste, but it revitalized Slaughter’s career and gave him a WWF title run. Based solely on his previous run with the company, Slaughter deserved to hold the belt even if it was just a transition role.

Enough about the history lesson. Let’s see if this figure deserves a place in the ranks on my shelf, maggot.

Packaging:  I actually like the Flashback packaging setup. The color combination works and we get a huge portrait of the character along with a prominent placement of the BAF insert.

My only gripe with this setup is the actual BAF piece is tucked away. With swappers prevalent in my area, this is a big concern as it’s difficult to see if the piece is still there or replaced with a bogus part.

They’re not the originators of the BAF concept, but I actually like the clear indication of what comes with what figure on the front and back.

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review - wide pic

Likeness: With some of these more recent BAF Basic figures, Mattel has selected some figure looks Elite collectors demanded. It’s somewhat dirty pool to get collectors to buy a wanted version of a character in the lesser tier format to get another figure they want.

In Sgt. Slaughter’s case, I would have happily bought an Elite version of this attire since this is close to his Wrestlemania 7 outfit.

The figure looks nice with the exception of the boots being a little too high up on the pants. Maybe Slaughter had a mission in some water?

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review -close up left

I love the head sculpt as it features his prominent chin and the sneering expression fits perfectly with the character.

Scale:  Slaughter is 6’4” putting him an inch taller than US patriot Hacksaw Jim Duggan and four inches taller than ally Iron Sheik. Speaking of, it’s about time we get a General Adnan and Col. Mustafa figure, Mattel.

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review -with first two elite sgt slaughters

As you can see this Sarge got hit by a shrink ray as it’s not even the same size as the previous Elite figures. That’s just oddly inconsistent and something you’d think the Basic and Elite teams would make sure was correct to encourage Elite collectors to grab a random Elite figure. This Sarge will have to go to the back of the display to avoid looking so short.

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review - scale with sgt slaughter hall of fame and legends


Paint:  There’s nothing wrong per se with the paint job. The camo work is solid if a little sparse around the chest area. The line work is fine with the wristbands, belt and boots. My only problem is the colors are too bright for the heel Sgt. Slaughter.

The pants are school uniform badge instead of khakis while the dominant green in the camo is more lime green than dark, Kelly green. It’s more of a preference, but going with darker colors would have improved the character for me. And it also seems like Mattel painted the flesh tones on Sarge so his skin tone has this weird sickly shade.

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review - royal rumble 91 face off with ultimate warrior

Articulation:  As usual with Basics, the articulation was a joke even before certain points got cut. Don’t even entertain the notion of remotely getting an accurate camel clutch. This figure is only good for noogies and clotheslines. But we all know that going in with Basic figures, right?

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review - dropping the elbow to ultimate warrior

Sgt. Slaughter has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review - camel clutch to hacksaw jim duggan

Accessories:  Mattel didn’t include the elbow pads Slaughter wore during this run, but did give him his signature sunglasses and head wrap.  This is a lot more than the usual Basic figure so that’s a bonus.

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review - figure in tray

And Slaughter comes with the arms for the BAF Fink.

Worth it?  I picked up Slaughter for $13. That’s not a terrible price for a figure I can at least use to some extent if just for interview segments. The accessories along with the BAF piece make this a worthwhile figure for a decent cost.

Rating: 8 out of 10

For a Basic, this Sgt. Slaughter figure has its uses. With a better color scheme, I’d recommend it even more if you’re not interested in building the Fink.

WWE Basic Sgt. Slaughter figure review - close up right

Where to get it?  Wal-Mart still has this wave in stores, but with the new Basic BAF set in stock, Slaughter won’t be too plentiful so don’t delay.